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‘Ello little ones. Today I wanted to chat with you about essay advice. I went out for my morning jog this morning and slung on my boyfriend’s hoodie. I’m surprising myself at how well I’m committed to running at the moment. Trust me, it won’t last very long so I’m certainly making the most of it. Sam’s at home at the moment, working hard on his dissertation in International Politics. Thankfully I avoided doing a diss and instead did two big practical modules. I honestly don’t think I’d have what it takes to do a dissertation. I wouldn’t have known what to do it on and I’ve only just this year managed to get firsts on most of my essays. That’s another great thing that’s happened in my final year. In education, I’ve rarely been able to reach top A grades but for some reason, in my final year of university, I have done. I must have finally managed to crack the marking system because bar one essay, I’ve got firsts in everything. It’ll be a very close call to see whether I graduate with a 2:1 or a First.

Essay Advice

The weather wasn’t great this morning, quite dull compared to yesterday which was nice and hot! Today’s schedule is a busy one as I’m recording and editing the clothes haul to put on my channel this evening! I also need to do my Applied Essay which is due in on the 6th May and I have rehearsals this evening! What a busy woman I am! I find that when I finally organise myself and push myself, I manage to achieve great things but it’s the motivation that I lack and something that I need to work on considerably to get where I need to be. I certainly need to do this when it comes to my acting. I need to work hard because the castings aren’t going to find me, I’ve got to find them myself!

Using my miraculous firsts for the greater good I thought I’d give out a little bit advice for anyone at university who is struggling with writing essays at the moment. My tops tips would be to make sure you make a plan and research first before you start writing your essay. It’s always better to have too much research than too little. Having too little can cause repetition in your essay which obviously loses you marks. My second bit of advice would be to make sure your essay has a point to it. Whether it’s an English essay on a certain book or a history essay based on a certain event, always make sure your essay flows and has a sense of direction. Propose an argument and give your opinions that either agrees or disagrees with others. Finally, don’t allow pride or consider it cheating to ask others for help both from your year or the years above. We as humans, learn from lessons. Well, I do, anyway. For me, to be told to write an essay without no guidance is a pointless task. How am I going to learn if my mistakes aren’t amended or corrected? 

This is what I found to be a negative aspect of university. I think during the first year you should be allowed to send your draft version of an essay to your tutor to give you advice on how to improve it. That way in your remaining years, you have the opportunity and no excuse to improve upon your writing skills. So ask someone if you’re unsure, don’t feel as if you’re cheating if you ask for help.

Do you have any essay advice? Let me know in the comments below.

Essay Advice


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