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What a busy week I’ve had. Well, a busy couple of weeks actually. I apologise for not keeping my ‘online diary’ updated but I’ve just been super busy that I just haven’t had time (plus the tinter web was rubbish in the hotel I was staying at so I couldn’t upload anything quickly). So this may be quite a long post but stick with it as it has a lot of amazing stuff in it! Also, this may overlap from my last blog posts but who cares, beggars can’t be choosers.

FriendsSo my fantastic week(s) began with filming for a sports video, which appeared in my blog a few posts ago so will skip past this. Then there was the nearly, almost food poisoning from left out meatballs which thankfully didn’t turn out to food poisoning (phew). The next day, myself and Hannah and eventually Maria, travelled down to Aberystwyth. We got down there at around 6pm and instantly got around to work on the masses of alcohol we had brought or should I say Maria brought down with her.

You’ll see all this in my Vlog on my YouTube Channel @ 7pm. (I now know how to schedule my videos…how freaking cool is that?!) The next couple of days and nights in Aberystwyth were awesome. The university had it’s society fayre the day of Ellybelly’s little morning talk that I went to. There was quite a lot of fresher’s about but not as many as we had during our first year. It’s weird but I definitely saw a lack in numbers from our first-year freshers and this year’s freshers. Perhaps it’s the price increase on tuition fees that have made potential students avoid going to university. 

If you’re a person who is wondering whether to go, please heed my advice and GO TO UNIVERSITY. It’s the most life-changing three years of your life and make sure you go somewhere away from home so you get the full experience. At the end of the day, you only pay your loan back when you earn over a certain amount so what’s stopping you?! On the last day of us being in Aberystwyth we met up with the lovely Prezemek who had been in Spain for his industrial year. Lucky bugger! It was so nice to see him and I missed him so much and his beautiful accent! Hopefully, when I head back down there at the end of October I will get to see some more of him. We had lunch in this lovely American style diner that is situated on the seafront so if you’re ever there make sure you go.

Overall the trip to Aberystwyth was lovely but I couldn’t shift the feeling of me not belonging there anymore. I think because London is such a big place with so many opportunities, coming back to Aberystwyth was just so different, not in a bad way but in terms of my lifetime goals, Aberystwyth is not where I want to be. However, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

RACING onto the past few days, I had a call-back audition for a role in a short film. Unfortunately, as I’m writing this a couple of days later, I didn’t make the cut. However, I was told that I was in the top 4 out of the 9 so I’m happy with how far I got. Onwards and upwards. This brings me to my next big event within the past week. It was my mama and papa’s 25th Wedding Anniversary. 25 YEARS. That’s a long long long long long time to be in love with someone. They are the perfect pair and the most loving parents in the world (being biased).  Here’s a little photo of their wedding day just for embarrassment. Me and my parents had such a jam-packed few days, so I’d thought I’d break it down for you in easy sections.

Mum and Dad

Day 1- Sunday

I had work during the day so was nothing special but my parents met me outside of work which was lovely as my mother was crazily waving like a mad woman in the middle of South Bank. We then went to what I think was called The Wellington and had a cheeky pint to have a good ol’ chinwag. I’m so close to my mum and dad which I’m so grateful and appreciative of. They are literally the kindest and compassionate people you’ll ever meet. Every one of my friends who meets them always tells me they are wonderful. I’ll stop now before my mum and dad’s heads expand. We then went back to the hotel to get changed into our evening attire for tea. They were staying at the Ramada Hotel out in the Docklands which was right next to an airport. Although, you wouldn’t have thought it as the windows were triple/quad, whatever they were, glazed so you couldn’t hear a thing. The planes would come past so close to the hotel that it frightened us a little but it was fantastic to see them so up close, taking off and landing. So we headed over to the Strada which was just by Tower Bridge. It had such a beautiful view.

The food was lovely and as we settled the bill, I helpfully informed my mum and dad as we were using the good old reliable Tesco vouchers, that it would be wise when going to these restaurants, that we check they take them.  Unfortunately, to our dismay (my mum’s face was priceless), this Strada, in particular, didn’t accept them! Now I don’t, or my parents really get why some places that fall under the Tesco vouchers scheme such as Strada, Bella Italia and Cafe Rouge have certain branches that don’t accept them. There was no difference in the prices of food so why not accept them? Confusing. If anyone knows why then do let me know.


Day 2 – Monday

So being in London, it’s hard to do so much in just one day. It was the morning of my mum’s birthday so she opened all her cards and presents and it was lovely to celebrate the day with her as for the past few years, I’ve always been at university! We went again to Strada and made sure to check that the vouchers were accepted in this one. The food again was delicious and I thought to myself that by the end of this week, I’d have gained several stone with all the food and drink I’d eat. After this, I nipped into Pandora and brought my mammy a pandora charm. She loved it and said she would wear it when she got her Pandora bracelet. We then decided that we’d go last minute and see Once the Musical. I HAVE WANTED TO SEE THIS FOR SO LONG! It didn’t disappoint either. The music was beautiful and the story was breathtakingly refreshing. I’m going to have to do me a little review of it for my blog at some point as it was just too good to not rave about it. After the musical, we had a late night tea at Bella Italia and it was so YUMMY. I realise I’m using so many capitals in this blog but it’s just so you understand how good it all was. 


Day 3 – Tuesday

It’s mummy and daddy’s 25th wedding anniversary! It was so lovely to spend this morning with them. Dad had read out on the first night they got here a poem that he’d wrote and here it is in all its glory…

One by one each year has gone,

Since we both said I do,

25 years of memories

Shared by us two.

From big events and holidays

To simple daily pleasures

Some tearful times along life’s way

Some joys that cannot be measured

One by one each year has gone

But they are ours together

Each and every memory

A quarter of a century together


Now halfway through this, my mum and I actually started to believe that he’d written this. He had in fact not but it was the thought that counts. The funniest thing was that he’d copied it and left the hyperlinks within the poem. We were in fits of giggles. Anyway, my dad decided to let it be known on Facebook of his ‘creation‘. Crafty man! My treat for their wedding anniversary was a trip to see Billy Elliot. I’ve already seen it but it’s such a fantastic musical that I could watch over and over again. It was my dad’s first time also seeing it on the West End and he really enjoyed. Well done to the cast and crew who manage to put on such a fantastic performance night after night.

So I’ve tried to give you all the details from my past week, I hope you have enjoyed reading and not fallen asleep halfway through. I’m gonna now try to keep to the daily blog posts as normal and this leads me to my ORGANISATION part of the blog title. I really really need to organise myself more. Although I’m only human, I need to start getting super organised so I’m able to take on more projects especially when it comes towards my acting! Anyway ramble over, please don’t forget to follow this blog and check out my YouTube Channel and part 1 of my Fresher’s Vlog.

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