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Ok, so you know when you’ve just had one of those days where everything goes wrong. Well yeah, I’ve had one of those days today and I thought it would be worth having a mental health chatI’m exaggerating a little but it feels when one thing goes wrong and then something else goes wrong, it just gets on top of me and hence the title of this blog – tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough. I think this is one of the nice things about having a blog or a diary, you can just unload all your baggage from the day and feel as if you’ve aired it all out. The weather has been so vile today as well. It’s been super rainy but luckily, I was inside all day at work. So I avoided the downpours when the heavens opened on the poor tourists of London. It’s safe to assume that we’re going to have another terrible winter, which will probably roll on into next summer. Typical British weather. I have noticed though that compared to living up in the West Midlands, London is much milder in the morning and evening than it was in Stoke. I don’t have to warm my clothes up on the radiator here anyway.

Pyjama SetSo after finishing work and hoping to get back for just after 8pm, I arrived at Waterloo East Station to delays and cancelled trains. Perfect! I had to wait for an hour before my train finally arrived and thankfully I got a seat but it was crazy busy when we eventually got to London Bridge. The train got so full that some commuters got left behind at the station. I finally got in at around 9.30ish, caved in and got some Super Noodles as I needed some junk food to lift my spirits up. I also wanted a nice hot bath and to dunk one of my Lush bath bombs in but the water came out lukewarm. So frustrating. I decided not to use a bath bomb so as not to waste it on crappy cold water…

AND THEN to top off my wonderful day, there was error scheduling my video blog for Friday and I stupidly, a couple of days ago replaced my video blog folder on my MacBook to something else so now I need to go about recovering those files. I realise this is a less than cheerful blog but it’s certainly helping my mood and I’m sure you guys will find it funny. I think it’s helpful to have stressful days that don’t go your way like this one because imagine if every day was perfect, that would be boring. We need a little craziness in our lives. I also was meant to take a little picture of myself in my winter coat and shoes so I’ll make sure I do that tomorrow but for now, I’m off to bed and raring to start the new day tomorrow. Goodbye, today, it’s not been nice knowing you and I don’t think we should see each other again.

Have you had a bad day recently? Let me know in the comments below.


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