Visiting Friends In Aberystwyth | Freshers Take Two

Jesus, I’m not meant to be a student anymore. So I apologise for the lateness of this blog, I know I promised to write this one before I went out, but unfortunately, alcohol and Freshers got in the way! Yesterday we got up at 9am after spending the previous night staying up till 2.30am skyping Maria. This was obviously a mistake. We were meant to leave for 10am yesterday morning but that didn’t happen. We actually left at 12pm. Oops! The problem is when you don’t have any time constraints like having to get the train or the bus, you don’t feel the need to rush.

FreshersThe trip down was full of musical sing-a-longs which will definitely feature in one of the 2/3 vlogs that will be going up this Sunday and Monday. That’s right, you’re gonna be getting two videos this weekend. Don’t say I don’t spoil you guys! It was really nice just to relax and spend some quality girl time with Hannah and eventually Maria when we picked her up. Maria owns four dogs who came bounding out with Maria when we came up the drive. So cute! We did attempt to take one of the dogs with us, Izzy but she escaped out of her seatbelt. We stopped off in the town and said a quick hello to Maria’s mum. Maria’s mum is so sweet and she made us the most delicious cakes, including some shortbread fingers that were dipped each end with chocolate. They were so yummy that I had to have a couple with my tea at Maria’s house.

We finally got to lovely but slightly rainy Aberystwyth at about 6pm and didn’t waste any time starting on the champagne (yes we’re graduates so we only drink champagne now obviously. It’s definitely not alcohol left over from Maria’s 21st….And it was very eventful. A certain Miss Hannah went home early and myself and Ellybelly (Elliott) helped her to bed. We then like the typical students or for me, a graduate, went back out again. I stupidly said yes to seeing Ellybelly speak in a lecture at 10am the next morning last night, which I don’t regret at all. Really proud of him, he did a year placement so he didn’t graduate with me this year but it does give me an excuse to come back to Aber next July to see him graduate. Elliott is so lucky to have managed to secure a permanent job when he leaves university but as most of our mutual friends know, Elliot has his moments. Sometimes he says things that don’t make any sense and other times he’ll say something along the lines of this:

Industrial placements are so beneficial because you save money. This year I don’t have to worry about going out and not having any money. The third years in the year below me who didn’t do an industrial placement are broke. I’m like haha you guys have no money? I do! Haha.

Oh, Ellybelly you are so on point and down with the first years. Today is the fresher’s fayre where basically all the societies within the university, have a stand and try to attract Freshers to join their society. We’re really hoping that this year, there’s plenty of Freshers or else the society may be in trouble. We have Curtain Call’s first social tonight, which is very exciting. They have their first official one the week after but I won’t be here. Maybe I should do blogs the morning after than trying to do them late at night when I get in. What do you think?Freshers


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