Because You’ve Had A Bad Day…

It’s a pain in the bum when you have a day where everything just seems to get on top of you and I had one of those days yesterday. I’m now catching up with myself in terms of blogs, so I can to blog every day before the day ends. It just makes more sense. My lack of motivation to commit to things is shocking at the moment. I can only apologise!

Basically yesterday everything went wrong. You have a bad day at work and then everything that is happening in your life turns into crap. This is not because it is crap but an off day at work can put other aspects of your life into a crappy perspective. Am I making sense? Probably not.

Anyway, I’m a money worrier and I will always be a money worrier. It’s both a good and bad trait to have and I’m starting to slowly accept this as a progress through my inevitable years of being a poor actor. 

Getting this month’s wages was a bit of a disappointment because it was considerably lower than last month. The reason being was that I didn’t work enough hours. This was because I was away doing things (birthdays, weddings, Aber Freshers) so obviously I was going to get a reduced wage packet. But you have to enjoy life right? I mean you can’t just work all the time else you’d drive yourself crazy. Yesterday was a day built up due to lack of sleep, knowing I didn’t have enough money for the month and a crap day at work. But oh well, we have to get on with it and I’ve cast that day aside. It’s time to stop wallowing! I forgot to mention that night before I did a promotional job for an Arts Fair in Chelsea which was super fun and I have now got my first professional credit in terms of promotional work!

So today I had a better day. I’ve been applying to loads of castings and promotional jobs so hopefully they’ll begin to churn out responses at the beginning of next week! Tonight, myself and my housemate Sean have been watching a horror film as we haven’t had a night in where we’ve socialised together for ages! We also had a bottle of Prosseco, which obviously made my day better! I also had a pack of my favourite Cadbury’s chocolate rocks. These things are so dangerous for me because I have to have the whole packet. I can’t just have a couple, it’s just not possible.

I’ve nearly finished learning my script for pantomime which is exciting as I head down to Aberystwyth on Thursday night to stop with friends for the weekend and throw myself into an intensive weekend of Panto rehearsals. EXCITING! It’s bound to be a very tiring weekend as the journey itself takes 7 hours each way so I’m going to make sure I have plenty of stuff to do on the journey there and back! I’m travelling on the Megabus again which is a steal of £11 for a return compared to the £48 return I would have had to pay if I went on the train. I’m such a bargain hunter at heart.

Chow for Now!

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