Give Yourself More Time With Bidvine

Life in London is a constant tornado of activity. It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived in London for over three years now and that time has gone so quickly. We are always looking to squeeze as much time out of our 24 hours, that we sometimes forget to enjoy other things in life. Moments that are fleeting and which will only fill you with regret if not enjoyed. Bidvine is a service that allows you to savour some of that precious time when you’re not working, working and oh yeah…working.

Bidvine App on phone

Bidvine has been around for two years now and is an online marketplace in which you can find a service for pretty much anything. Whether it’s high time you needed a massage, require a more professional hand in photography or just have a load of overdue house chores to complete, Bidvine has a wealth of workers that can be found at the touch of a button.

It’s very easy to use too! You enter in what sort of service you require, along with your postcode so that potential employees can be sourced closest to you. I decided to go with a massage because this girl needs a little bit of TLC. I went for a Swedish massage and got a series of follow-up questions that would refine my search a little to help the Bidvine team find suitable pros. These were:

Why do you need Swedish massage therapy?

When was the last time you had a Swedish massage?

What gender would you like your massage therapist to be?

Do you have any medical injuries we should know about?

How often would you like massage therapy?

How long would you like your session to be?

I love that they went into a bit more detail rather than asking any basic questions which would be irrelevant to the service I was after. It also put my mind at ease that all their massage therapists are vetted by the Bidvine team to ensure they conform to their respects and conduct standards. I also got to pick whether or not the therapist travels to me or I travel to them. In this case, because we don’t really have anything sturdy enough to turn into a makeshift massage table, I selected to travel to the therapist. I also chose how flexible I was in seeing the therapist and with a lot going on in my life, I decided to say that I was flexible.

You shouldn’t have to wait long for a response as the job request is posted out immediately and I got my first offers through within a few hours. What I love about the service is that you don’t have to go with the first offer you get. Instead, you can sift through the offers, compare therapists and then you the customer, get to decide who to go with. You can put in multiple requests and you can control all of these through the dashboard provided.

Close up of app on phone

It’s a quick and easy service that can be used on the go and is perfect for those who have a hectic lifestyle and need to salvage a bit of extra time here and there. I would certainly recommend it and I look forward to picking out the therapist once all the offers come through!

Have you used Bidvine before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaboration with Bidvine. All words are my own!