Another Wonderful Day Of Popcorn.

So I started my weekend of promotional work at the Christmas Fair in the Bluewater Shopping Centre. I was working for the same company that I’d worked for at the BBC Good Food Show, Popcorn Kitchen. I’m honestly really enjoying selling this brand, it’s just such a fun products that all ages love to eat and I cannot help but smile because of how festive the Bluewater Shopping Centre looks!

Look how beautiful I arranged the stall!

I love the variety that I’ve been getting with promotional work so far. I love meeting new people and networking, it’s just so much fun! As most of you will have known, today was Black Friday. A day that is known more to America but has found it’s way onto British soil. Most importantly, this event has turned a lot of British folk totally barmy. There’s tons of vines (videos) going round on Facebook of crazy ass people fighting over televisions, clothes etc. Now in a way I like the idea of Black Friday and I appreciate why so many people go out and buy a heck load of stuff, but times are tough and you have to take advantage of a bargain but physically trying to drag out a television out of another person’s hands of who has fallen onto the floor? A little too much for me I think.

However, with this event there wasn’t any of these scenes taking place. As the event started it got crazily busy but completely died down by 2pm. I’m expecting tomorrow and Sunday to be the big ones. After all, I heard they sold 20,000 tickets for this fair and I’d have said there was only a few thousand today. Oh pray for me.

I’m keeping this one quite short because I’m feeling ill. I need to start dosing myself up so I’m feeling better for panto which is starting soon and I need to get my rest. This blog was actually meant to have been done by around 8pm but myself and Sean were being shocked and entertained by Dexter. Not a person but the actual television series. I’d definitely recommend this show to anyone though, it’s dark, funny and has surprising twists and turns throughout the episodes.


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