Headshots, Seeing A Bestie And Rehearsing For Panto.

What a fantastic day it’s been today. I’m now sat here on the sofa watching Mission Impossible, reflecting on today’s events. So finally I managed to re-organise my headshots for today. You can begin to imagine how excited I was to be getting these headshots done. I’ve known about Jennie Scott for a while as a photographer and have often seen her photos crop up on my Facebook newsfeed so when I saw one of my friends recently have hers done, I decided to get on the case. I travelled to Balham underground station and met up with Jennie by knocking on her car door and scaring her half to death. Great first impressions Natalie…

Now I’d never met Jennie before so hadn’t got a clue what she looked like. She picked me up from the underground station and drove me to the location where she shoots her headshots. It’s not every day that I get into a stranger’s car so don’t worry I did my research! I had no need to be worried though because she was such a lovely woman, really down to earth and a right laugh! The location we shot at was absolutely beautiful and had such a fantastic layout with stunning greenery. I had brought a long a few outfit changes that we used and even though it was a super freaking cold day, Jennie did her upmost to get the best shots, ruffling up my hair every now and again and making sure I looked B-E-A-UTIFUL! I’ve seen some of the shots and I am SUPER excited to see them. I hopefully should receive them later tonight or at some point tomorrow. I’m gonna go over them if possible on skype with the rents and the boyfriend. If not then I can show the rents Friday but I’ve got a feeling I might be too late by then to get them ready to go into the panto programme. 

After the shoot, I got a well deserved coffee from Starbucks (as I hadn’t had one this morning to start with) and headed on over to Oxford Circus to meet ANTONY. Antony is someone I’ve know at university for a few years now and he’s been entertaining the campers at a Butlin-esque site. He actually has been to see Les Mis tonight which I was very jealous about so I’m hoping he enjoyed that. We met up with Hannah during her lunch break because you know, she’s got a proper job now 😉 and we had lunch at this lovely little cafe/bistro. Spontaneous catch-ups are always the best kind and I forgot how much I missed him!

So this evening I have been a busy bee, making sure I’ve up to scratch on the panto. It’s been a crazy project and I’m looking forward to getting it up on it’s feet. We’ve got a full day on Saturday to rehearse and refresh ourselves for the coming week. I’m super excited and it’ll have been a while since I’ve been on stage so I’m crazy excited to get that stage buzz back again. Actors/Performers reading this will know what that feels like!

Well I’m off to do a little shop to keep me going until I go home on Friday and then it’s off to bed to get through the next few days of double shifts….oh boy.


Natalie-Ann x

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