Getting The Early Train And Popcorn Kitchen!

Jeez Louise I am EXHAUSTED! 

Today was super awesome, but just way too long. I got up at 6.00am to get ready for the train at 7.17. Sean catches the same one so we got to spend some quality laughing time on the train together towards London Bridge. We parted ways and I headed onto Waterloo where I was to get a train to Clapham Junction. Now I got up extra early to get an earlier train so I knew I’d be at the venue before 9am when I was due to start my promotional work. Did I get there before 9? No. Why? Well as I was on the carriage, arriving at Clapham Junction, in my half awake state I didn’t hear that the first two carriage doors wouldn’t open and you would have laughed yourself silly seeing me float between two carriages, wondering why the doors weren’t opening. 

Then the train started moving. Then I realised I was going way out of the way. Then I realised I was going to be late for my first ever promotional work. Annoyed doesn’t even come close. This is the most annoying thing about living so far out from Central London. Unfortunately if you encounter late trains, missed stops etc, normally living within London, there’s another train or tube every 5 minutes. When you’re out OUT in Dartford, you’re basically screwed.

Anyway after profusely apologising to the organiser, who was so lovely and kind to reassure me that it happens to the best of us, I got introduced to a lovely girl named Shruti who would be my college throughout the day on the stall. OMG IT WAS SO AWESOME! The work I was doing was for a beautiful independent Popcorn company called Popcorn Kitchen. The details for where you can find them will be below. The event itself was the BBC Good Food Show and I cannot think why I’ve never been before. Obviously because this is my first year in London, but still! There were so many stalls, like hundreds of them and they had everything from kitchen appliances, indian food, chinese food, confectionary, live hot shows and even cars! I don’t know why there were cars but it was so cool. I got to go around and sample loads of different foods and it’s something I’ll be sure to take advantage of over the next two days as well.

It was a great day until I realised I was going to have a hell of journey back. It wouldn’t normally take me too long but because of rail works going on, it took me forever to get back home, although I did have a nice bath with one of my lush products, lit a candle and listened to some Ed Sheeran.

Now I’m gonna have to cut this one short as I am shattered and really need to get some shut eye as I’ve developed a horrible headache in the past half an hour. Don’t forget that I’ve got my Lush Haul up for you all to see so check it out and if you like it then subscribe to my channel!


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