Promotional Weekend And No Rest For The Wicked.

I’m wondering to myself when I last had a day off and it’s not got to be that long ago but this weekend, even though it’s been super fun, it’s also been hard work. I’ve been getting up for 6am every morning and not getting back in till 9pm. My shifts have been 9am-7pm so you can see that a few hours of that are travelling to and from the location. This is the problem with living out so far away but if I want the work then I’m going to have to do the travelling. But seriously, I had such an awesome time doing this promotional work and it definitely paid off. The same company have asked me back to do another of their shows which I’ve obviously said yes to. I also was asked for my details off two other people on separate stalls who want me to work for them on their next upcoming events so that means even more work coming in! I’m starting to also know what real stress is as I’d now say I’m getting around 10-15 emails a day regarding promotional work, potential casting work etc that I may want to be put forward for and I love it. I like being busy, I hate being out of work or having days off, although sometimes I do need them just to recharge my batteries and have a social life.

If you haven’t read my last blog, I worked for Popcorn Kitchen, a fantastic independent company ran by a lovely woman who I met called Clare and her husband. The popcorn is so good and if anyone wants to check it out, I’ll once again provide the links to all their social media. Here’s a few snaps of their products on offer this Christmas.

How cute are the designs and the cute little stockings?! Beautiful.

So yeah, I’m exhausted and today I went back to work at SeaLife and I have another two days until I’m off for the weekend. Well I say off but on Thursday I’m doing a dental film shoot and I got the call sheet for that today which is exciting. 11.30am start and finishes around 4/5pm which isn’t too bad and the pay is alright for it. I was meant to have my headshots re-booked for this day but unfortunately this takes priority. I NEED to get these headshots done by the end of this month just in case pantomime asks for photos for the programme. I really want new ones to be shown on it so I need to get these done by the end of the month. On a side note, I had what I think is a burst blood vessel in my right eye which at first I just thought was tired eyes but no it’s a burst blood vessel which I really hope goes by Thursday! On Friday I have a fitting test to be a fit model and I’m very excited for that. If I were accepted then it would be easy, flexible work at £20 an hour. Who wouldn’t want this type of work?!

So overall, for what started off as worrying about not having much money this month, December is going to be a nice little earner, perhaps I’ll have enough to fork out for a showreel, voicereel AND a new camera. Optimistic? Yes.

Need to put my foot down and keep applying for things!

Night all,

Natalie-Ann x

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