It’s been good news today and lot’s of it at that! So the Skype audition that I had yesterday was really good like I said in my last blog. However, today after finishing work I found out that I got the casting! I’m so happy to have got it as I haven’t had any castings in a while so I was getting down about my acting side. This has definitely perked me up! The shoot is for a dental film, probably to be shown at corporate events or for educational purposes. The topic of the patient I’m playing is a little embarrassing but at the end of the day, it’s only a character and I’m getting paid quite a fair amount for it. So bring on all the embarrassing characters!

So yesterday, I think I applied to like ten or so promotional agencies and already today I have received two confirmations of acceptance on their books which is awesome and has given me access to so many jobs that I’ll hopefully be getting over the next few months and well into the new year!

Jump to a few minutes later and after checking out the rest of my e-mails I find out that I’ve been scouted to attend a slot next Friday morning to apply as a fitting model. I didn’t realise what one of those was before I read up about it,

  1. fitting model (sometimes fit model) is a person who is used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a ‘real’ human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin.

Cool huh?! So basically the woman who contacted me said I had the physical details to meet with them and see if I was applicable for it. It would be flexible work with lots of it at that and it’s normally £20 p/h! Ka-CHING! This definitely sounds like a great opportunity and I’m hoping that all goes well with this even if it’s a bit of work every now and then. It would be some great experience in terms of my modelling!

Finally, here comes the best part of the blog….I’VE BEEN ACCEPTED ONTO EQUITY! I applied back in Fresher’s Week but when they responded, they said I needed to provide six pieces of walk-on roles and I only had four pieces of evidence to show. Luckily my contract for panto counts as evidence that would get me equity instantly and it has! I’m so happy! They’re sending me my CARD 🙂 and all the details in the post as soon as they take out the payment. I’m so happy I’ve got equity now as hopefully it will count as another tick on potential casting directors!

Anyway I need to get to bed as I have a very hectic weekend with promo work! Can’t wait to get started with my first lot of promotional work! EXCITED <3


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