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Vape Shoreditch had the opportunity to try out one of their vape pens. I don’t smoke myself but I thought that my housemate Sean, who has tried quitting before, may benefit from using an alternative form to cigarettes. Vape Shoreditch offers two choices of vape kits, the Shoreditch One and Shoreditch Two. The Shoreditch One has a smart OLED display with a 2ml tank capacity. It’s got a 650 mAh battery (300 puffs) and comes in a black casing. The Shoreditch Two has a slimline design, a 1.5ml tank capacity and a 380 mAh batter (200 puffs). The choice of two is completely up to the customer as both are just £19.99 each.

When the package arrived, it came in a sleek cardboard box, with the pen included separately. It also came along with three different e-liquid flavours. These were peppermint chocolate, menthol blend and iced strawberry. There’s a wonderful array of flavours that are available to customers of the vape pen, therefore suiting a wide variety of tastes.

I chose, on behalf of Sean, the 12mg option. The e-liquid comes in three different strengths; 6mg, 12mg or 18mg. The e-liquids are made up of two components, which are 50% PG and 50% VG. This delivers ‘a nice throat hit and deliciously thick clouds of vapour‘.

So, Sean tried out the vape pen for over a week and here’s what he had to say!

1) Have you ever used a vape pen before?

I have used an e-lites vape cigarette before.

2) If so, what strength was it? Did it have a flavour?

It was unflavoured and I used 21mg capsules for it.

3) What did you think of the pen?

The pen was very ergonomic, fitting easily into my pocket. It was easy to refill and use.

4) What did you think of the flavours?

The flavours were very pleasant. I especially liked the mint chocolate flavour.

5) Did you find any negatives using the pen?

I found that with my level of usage, I needed to refill more often than I would have liked.

6) Would you use the pen more if the negatives you mentioned, were rectified?

If this were rectified (the level of mg) I would definitely use the pen more often.

7) Would you recommend this to other smokers, or smokers trying to quit?

I would certainly recommend it to other smokers as an alternative. I don’t know that I would recommend it to those trying to quit, as it doesn’t do much for cessation.

Unfortunately it would have helped more if I’d have gotten the 18mg. I feel this way, Sean would have gotten more benefits out of the vape pen. However, this a great alternative for smokers who want something different! If you’re interested in the e-liquids, Vape Shoreditch gave me a promo code to give to you my readers to get three bottles of e-liquid for 99p! Use the promo code GETVAPING99 to get your discount!

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