Cold Limbs And Headshots.

Why is it so cold?! Working at the Grimm Tales experience is fantastic and I love the fact that I’m working in a building that is immersed with theatre but my jolly is it cold in that building. Every time I finish, I get back home and my hands- in fact my whole body – is still cold. This is the one thing that I cannot stand about winter weather, is how bitterly cold it gets in the UK. I remember when I was living back at home all those years ago at school and college, I would always without a shadow of a doubt, put my next morning clothes on the radiator the night before. It’s the best feeling in the morning getting out of bed to put on warm clothes. Gives you a sense of security in thinking that you’re still in bed even though sadly, you’re not.

Bed is a great thought right now, was literally dragging myself to the platform where I was getting my train from. Tiredness can sometimes hit me so fast I can go from being wide awake to my eyes suddenly deciding to close on me. Damn eyes…

Anyway, moving onto HEADSHOTS. OMFG MY HEADSHOTS! So just before writing this blog I had a look through the first of my headshots and literally have about 30 odd that I’ve written down as my favourites already and that’s only half. I have to pick three. This is going to be so hard.

And here is one of the headshots that Jennie herself posted on her page, to which I’m considering is going to be one of my top three…


The wonders of great photography and technology combined together, my friends. I am so chuffed that these photos are coming out so well. I really am going to be stuck for choice on which ones to choose. I’m definitely gonna have to get a few opinions on my top choices to decide the final three as I just couldn’t decide on my own!

Thank you to Jennie who made these beautiful images and I would recommend this lovely lady to anyone. She’s so lovely, completely nuts so she’s right up my street and she’s professional, funny and a great person to work with.

Now all that excitement is over with I really need to get some sleep as the fun just doesn’t stop with me!

Nighty Night,

Natalie-Ann x

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