Bullying And Preparing For Panto.

I want to bring up this topic as it created a little healthy discussion into the matter on my Facebook page. It’s about a one individual beating and stabbing two other individuals. The boy who was 19 was supposedly bullied by these two girls aged 15 and 16. Now this was a horrific act of violence and giving him a jail sentence is definitely correct and I agree with completely. However, bullying is disgusting and a horrible experience. I was teased at school sometimes for my last name and this I know wasn’t bullying at it’s worst as it was only verbal. However, when it did happen? I’d go home upset and feeling helpless. So in relation to this scenario, despite the age difference, these girls know right from wrong. Verbally attacking someone can be more hurtful than physical abuse and bullying makes no difference whether the victim of this bullying is 19 or 25 or 50. So my opinion and my feelings towards this are that yes he should not have acted out in such a violent way but these girls will unfortunately have to live with the consequences of their actions.

Now onto a more cheery subject. I am halfway through picking my head shots and currently waiting for the other half to download. I think the plan is to make a private album of my favourites and then share them to my closest friends and family members to help me decide which should be my top three. I’ll hopefully do it tonight if they download quick enough. 

I did a casting today after work to which I cannot talk about because I signed a disclosure form but I managed to earn £50 and it was paid to me as a fifty pound note! I’ve never had one of these before so it was quite an overwhelming moment.

Anyway time to watch some more Dexter and then pack for home tomorrow! Cannot wait to start pantomime now and to of course finally go home to spend some well earned time with the family.

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