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And just like that it’s Autumn. Err where did our Summer go and can we please have it back? It was such a gorgeous period of weather that we had here in the UK, that it’s quite hard to believe it actually happened. Normally we have two days of sunshine and the rest of our Summer is dismal. I got a special package from Hidden Fashion to help with my seasonal blues and I’m now ready to take on AW18 with full force.

Hidden FashionThe athleisure is still very much in trend at the moment (YES!) so when I was picking out an outfit online, I wanted something that I could wear to work but could still feel comfortable. When I spotted the Green Silk High Waist Trousers, with the two-toned strip running down the side of the leg, they went straight into my favourites. I love the colour of the trousers as it’s not a colour I’d normally choose and I also like how the cuff of the trousers gathers to create a more fitted look.

Silk is also a material that has become more popular now so I think these trousers will be in my wardrobe for quite a while. When picking out a top, I’ve liked the look of the bodysuits. I think they compliment my body shape really well because there’s no faff of tucking the shirt into whatever bottoms you’re wearing. 

Office WearFloral WearThis Floral Printed Bodysuit is actually out of stock in white but they do it in a beautiful navy, which I’m tempted to get myself. It’s been a struggle to find bodysuits because a lot of the styles like this one, plunge too low and then offer very little coverage for the chest area. This is a problem because your boobs like to pull at the material and you’re constantly fearing a nip slip. This one is perfect for me and the pattern and light colours used, don’t wash me out.

The only downside to wearing a bodysuit is the desperation you have when you are bursting for the loo and have to undo the poppers. By hey, we sometimes have to suffer for fashion right?! What has really impressed me about Hidden Fashion, is their low prices but the quality is there. None of it feels cheap and I love that the bodysuit also came with shoulder pad inserts that elevate the bodysuit’s shape.

Floral BodysuitSilk TrousersFor shoes, I wanted a pair of heels that could transform this outfit into evening wear. Yes I’d love to wear it in the office but if I had a blogger event or a dinner that evening, a pair of heels can really transform an otherwise, casual outfit. Now, my feet are a bit of a problem as they’re quite wide. The Nude Neoprene Peeptoe Stilettos are gorgeous but they are a little too high for my liking. That being said, they fit my wide feet and compliment the outfit really well.

For £15.00, I can’t really complain so maybe I’ll just have to be more brave and break them in around the apartment.

Hidden Fashion FootwearAutumn WearThis whole outfit comes to £35, which is a steal. As Autumn rolls in, I need to start stocking up my wardrobe with all of the knitted jumpers so let me know in the comments below, what you’d pick from Hidden Fashion’s latest collection.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted these items in return for an honest review. All words are my own.

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