Work, Work and Dexter.

Tis the season to be working fa la la la la la la la la…

Yes instead of relaxing and getting mentally prepared for pantomime, I still need to earn myself a living and in true Natalie Redman style, I have two jobs on the go. My day started this morning at 7.30am and I’m just getting into bed now. What a day it’s been and I’ve got another one of these again tomorrow. Also I think I’ve gone and injured myself a little. The new shoes that I brought for promotional work were a little too tight and I think I may have caused some slight muscle damage but it’s nothing serious, nothing that would stop me performing anyway. It’s just a niggly feeling as if I’ve pulled a muscle. I’ve had it before so it’s nothing to worry about (I’m aiming this towards you mother).

This picture is SO weird….

So after leaving work at SeaLife today I got a call from one of the promotional agencies I’m with and I’m now booked onto 5 days worth of work during January. RESULT! Now to get filling up the rest of the month with promotional stuff and hopefully some castings. I’m going to try and do a few short films/unpaid projects that will gain me some showreel footage as this is something I really need. ALSO big news, my headshots are currently downloading onto my computer as we speak and I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO SEE THEM. The shoot was awesome and I can’t wait to work my way through the photos to pick out my top 3. It’s going to be a tough call! 

I’m also now signed onto another promotional agency so the amount of e-mails coming through regarding promotional work for the New Year is looking very promising. This self-employment thing is a scary thought but I think it’s the push I need to get myself on my feet and working hard to achieve my dreams. 

Sitting on your bum all day is boring anyway. WHO NEEDS RELAXATION?!

Not me.

Natalie-Ann x

P.S. Me and Sean have started Season 3 of Dexter after having a few days rest from the explosive and fiery ending to Season 2. Man this show is good.

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