Opening Day Of Aladdin And An Early Night!

I’m writing this with my bedroom light turned off and tucked up into bed ready to go to sleep as soon as I publish this!

Today has been the opening day of Aladdin and despite the few hiccups we’ve had and the fact that today was basically our dress run, it’s gone pretty well. Obviously, being an actor, you are you’re biggest critic and in my opinion, there’s still room for improvement. However, judging from the reactions of the children we’ve had in the shows today, it seems to have gone down a treat. Standard that I manage to get a cold during production week of all weeks but it can’t be helped and I’ll just have to battle on through!

We did two performances today with one starting and 10am and the other at 1pm. Doing performances at 10am is a killer though, as it’s hard to warm up your voice in the morning without straining it. Add that with a cold and you’ve got the most annoying combination. We’ve got this up until Friday and then it’s the short start and finish of our public performances which I’m looking forward to. A lot of my family and a few friends are coming to see it so it’ll be nice to have some support in the audience. I have enjoyed performing to the school children today though as it’s a type of theatre sort of made for children. They were all cheering and booing and getting involved, it’s really humbling to see so much admiration from the children towards us as characters.

After finishing panto I met my dad after work and he drove us home. I then went out with my mammy and brother Alfie to collect our friend’s children from nursery and they are SO CUTE! We only had them for about an hour but I was actually quite worn out by the time they left. Where do children get their energy from?! It’s mind-boggling! Anyway I’m now as I said, tucked up in bed and am going to get a well deserved early night. I need to make sure I get a full 9 hours sleep which should hopefully knock this cold on it’s head before it gets any worse. I need to be on top form this week and I can’t have this damn cold getting in the way.

Night all and enjoy the rest of your wonderful evening,

Natalie-Ann x

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