Sleeping In, Sunday Roasts And A Christmas Party!

I slept in till 11am today AND IT FELT SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! 

I would have slept in for longer, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I had to get up for a Sunday roast. However, it was no ordinary roast that I was getting up for. It was my Nan’s Sunday roast and my Nan’s roasts are the best. I don’t know what she does to them to make it taste so good but I’ve honestly not had a better one than hers and this one did not disappoint one bit!

Christmas Dinner
Look how Christmassy it looks!

Whenever I have a Sunday dinner at Nan’s it always takes me back to when I lived at home. We’d always go and visit both sets of grandparents on a Sunday for a catch-up and then we’d have a Sunday roast. My Auntie Lesley, Uncle Martin and Cousin Bruce all joined us for the roast today and it was nice to be around everyone to chat about life and enjoy each other’s company. We then had to rush off to Cheddleton to attend the Christmas party that had been organised for the children living around Cheddleton which was really nice. They had a DJ and had laid out the tables with crisps and snacks. Myself, Lee and Mum all had mulled wine which was delicious and I got to spend some quality time with little Emma and George which was lovely. These kids are so sweet and they always make me broody. Don’t worry though Mother (or Sam for that matter) I don’t want children yet. As selfish as it sounds, I want a career first and that may take a while!

Natalie with baby george
Look how adorable he is!

Also the big reveal on my video is that it’s featuring my little brother Alfie! I will update this blog as soon as the video uploads but it should be visible in the next 30 minutes. We had tons of fun and a few laughs along the way so make sure you watch it, share it and subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with all the videos I post in the future.

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