The BIG One!

Today was the big day in terms of the pantomime. We had two public performances, one at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. I think it makes a big difference to your performance when there’s people in the audience that you know. I tend to get a lot more nervous and always critique my performance more because there’s people watching that I know I’ll definitely see afterwards! When you’re performing to strangers, if you mess up or think your performance wasn’t up to scratch, there’s a big chance you’re never going to see them again anyway.

All the family came to see my performance in the evening, along with some close family friends, including our next door neighbour Lee! They all really enjoyed it and I made sure the dame gave them a shout out at the beginning of his scene. With only 4 shows left to do, I’m not looking forward to that deflated feeling you get when you finish a production. You never know what to do with yourself once it’s finished because you get into a routine. I’m determined though to secure some more paid work in terms of theatre because I can’t deny myself from performing on stage, I love doing it and it gives me the best buzz both being on stage and coming off it.

I have a day off tomorrow which is AMAZING! Can’t wait to not set my alarm so that I can have a nice lie in. I managed to film my video for tomorrow evening, this morning so I’m going to edit that in the morning and schedule it before I head off to my Nana and Grandad’s for what is going to be the best Sunday dinner in the world. I can’t remember when I last had one around my grandparents. My Nan’s roasts are by far the best roast dinners I’ve ever had, but then again I’m sure anyone else would say the same about their Nan’s. What is it that they put in it to make it so damn good?!

Anyway, it’s now gone midnight and I need to get some rest. I’ve never appreciated sleep quite as much as I have done this week. BRING ON THE BED!

Night folks,

Natalie-Ann x

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