10 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

I’ve never been a materialistic type of person, although I do love a good splurge in H&M sometimes to give myself some much needed loving. Normally it’s when payday is approaching…

So what are 10 things that I couldn’t live without? Well apart from my family and friends and the basics of having enough money to provide a roof over my head and food in my belly, here’s the materialistic stuff that I’d struggle with not having.



Mascara for me is the only beauty product that I could wear on it’s own if I decided that I wanted just one makeup product on my face. Mascara is the only product that I can wear on it’s own and it gives the appearance that I’ve actually made an effort with my face…

The Gym


Since moving to London, going to the gym has been a somewhat regular occurrence. Yes I do have times where I end up going cold turkey on exercise for a week or two, but it always pulls me back in. For some people, exercise is something that they wouldn’t prefer doing in a gym but I love the environment. The feeling that everyone is here to work out for whatever reason whether it’s for health, vanity or self-love, at least we’re not on the sofa every night pigging out on junk food and Netflix (that’s only every other day in my case).

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone

Yes I admit that our generation and others are so reliant on technology now that I’ve forgotten how we navigated through life beforehand. I mean, how did we get from A to B without Google Maps leading the way? When my data runs out on me in London, I’m like a lost tourist, wondering the streets with no clue of where anything is.



Literature has been the one consistency in my life that’s been materialistic. Right from Primary School, I always had a fascination for books and I would read as much as I could when I could. I remember being at school and being excited when I moved up another reading level. I remember the excitement of buying the next Harry Potter novel and consuming it within a few days. Even now, I try and use my commuting time as part of my daily ritual, although I now find this harder as my commute is much shorter. Books are so important for keeping the brain active, for learning and for keeping creativity alive.

Contact Lenses


Something about getting laser eye surgery scares the be-jesus out of me. I don’t know, may it’s the thought of a laser being used on your eye and trusting that person to not screw up the procedure. Therefore, contact lenses are the perfect compromise. When I first tried contact lenses, I actually got turned down for them because I struggled to get the lense out of my left eye. I remember feeling so upset and deflated because I was always conscious of wearing glasses. I thought they made me look really unattractive. However, nowadays I normally wear my glasses on days off and I actually think I’ll buy myself some new frames to wear them when I’m at work. I think the conscious feelings were because of high school and the pressure of being a teenager.


Girl on laptop

Me and Mr Macbook are joined at the hip. Ever since I started blogging, I always manage to spend a few hours (or more) with him per day. I think Sam is starting to get jealous but it’s a purely platonic relationship I promise. Without my macbook I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, I’m pretty much glued to it when I’m not working.



I used to hate coffee. I mean, I loved the smell of coffee but the taste always used to make me recoil in horror until that one fateful morning whilst working at my godfather’s pub during the summer before starting university. It was early and I was covering a breakfast shift. The smell of coffee was so appealing that I thought ‘oh heck why don’t I just try the coffee with a bit of cream’. That thought has led me to today, requiring two cups of coffee per day to function. 


Theatre popcorn

As an aspiring thespian, theatre is as natural to me as breathing is. I find it so weird when someone says they don’t go to the theatre. WHAT? If anything, I do feel sorry for the incredible productions they are missing out on. Being in London means that we have so much on our doorstep from new works put on in pub theatres to established shows in the West End. Theatre is so important to keeping the creative arts alive in a society that seems so keen in taking it away. Drama aswell is something that should be compulsory in schools. It brings the most shy kids out of their shells, it opens up that creative side of our brains and prepares us for a highly competitive world. It’s shameful and downright stupid to think the arts in schools contribute to nothing in the real world. The TV shows you watch and the films you see in cinemas wouldn’t be there if the opportunity or funds weren’t made available to create them.

Booby Dresses

Low cut dress

Described by my partner as the ‘booby dress’, I have a few outfits that show off the goods. It’s not slutty, it’s not attention-seeking and it’s certainly not shameful – it’s empowering. I love parts of my body and I dislike parts of my body but overall I’d say I’m pretty comfortable with the way I look. To be comfortable in your own body is something a lot of people struggle with so when you find that comfort, be proud and show it off because you want to, not for anyone else. It’s your body and you make the rules.



I love candles. There’s nothing more relaxing than being in a space where you have a few scented candles burning away. It’s so calming and creates the feeling of indulging in oneself. My favourites are from a company called Roots and I recommend you try them as they’re 100% natural and they smell so good.

What things could you not live without? Let me know in the comments below.

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