Six Cosy Jumpers

The one and only possibly redeeming factor of Winter is the cosy jumper. They come in all shapes and sizes and far be it from me to stop myself from buying a whole wardrobe of them when the icy cold weather hits us.

Mixture of jumpers

For some reason, I just cannot stop myself. Whether it’s an oversized jumper or a fitted one, the cosyness of having yourself wrapped up in layers of jumpers is just so appealing to me. So here’s a few of them that currently sit in my winter wardrobe.

The Lollipop One

Lollipop Jumper

There’s nothing like a jumper that reminds you of a lollipop. That’s what I recently learnt when Sam said it reminded him of those rocket ice lollies. Now all I can think is that he sees me as a giant version of this sweet treat everytime I wear it. Great.

The Fitted One.

Navy blue and white jumper

My itching urge to go to a charity shop became overbearing so I popped into a few on my high street last week and came across this little beauty. Straight from H&M, so you know it’s a good un’, this pleated navy blue and white number is perfect to see me through the winter months at work. Never underestimate charity shops, you can always find something amazing in them.

 The Neutral One

Cream jumper

This one I brought last year but it’s being made good use of this year too. I love this neutral cream shade and it goes so well with the outwear I own such as the trench and camel coat. I love the pattern variety on the jumper and it’s just so damn cosy.

The Pink Baby One

Pale pink jumper

I think this is possibly my least worn one but still it gets it’s fair share during the winter. This baby pink was a bit of an impulse buy but goes well with a pair of black jeans and boots. A light colour that works well. 

The Festive One

Burnt Orange Jumper

Whenever I wear this one, I always feel super festive and autumnal. I think it’s the burnt orange shade that does this but it’s also a simple one, not too over the top in design and it’s a colour I really love wearing.

 The Oversized One

Blue & Red Striped Jumper

And finally, last but by no means least is this little (or large) number from Primark. I was actually jumping for joy when I realised they did a similar version in New Look but this one was so much cheaper! There’s nothing like an oversized jumper when you are feeling a little blue and just want to wear something that’s going to cover up all those un-flattering feelings.

How many jumpers do you own? Let me know in the comments below.

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