Secret Casting And Data-Capturing.

At this very moment, never let it be said that my life isn’t full of variety. This morning I went to my ‘secret casting‘. My mother of course will know what it is because I can never keep it secret from her. It’ll hopefully be a good little money earner and the sooner I hear back the better. I’ve also just recently joined a cleaning service called Handy. Now like my mother you may be thinking ‘….cleaning?!‘ Yes I am now cleaning people’s houses as part of my daily life. As sad as it may seem, the reason why I’m doing this is not because I enjoy cleaning other people’s household items but for the fact that it’s so flexible for my acting work. I can pick and choose my hours as it’s a self-employed service and it allows me to meet all sorts of people. Yes it’s a crappy job…haha crappy. However, it still adds variety to my days, earns me money and it allows me to perfectly fit castings in when I need or want them. I also leave my clients a little thank you note along with a self promotion of my YouTube Channel. Always thinking of the smallest thing and in this case, hoping I clean the house of a director/casting director who’ll look at my videos and go ‘I WANT THAT GIRL IN MY NEXT MOVIE.’ Ha, one can dream.

Handy Logo

After my ‘secret’ casting, I had a while till my data-capturing promotional job at 4 so I actually made the trek back to home (because it was SO COLD) to literally get in the house for 45 minutes and sit down, change, have a bite to eat and then head back out of the door. I must be mad.

If you don’t know what data-capturing is, it’s basically those people who stand around in the outdoors come rain or shine and plague you to stop where your going and chat to them, who’s most likely trying to sell you something. WELL THAT WAS ME! Except I was giving away free gym trials. You see, I’m always out to help the world, even if it’s making people feel guilty about overindulging at Christmas. I’m one to talk though as I myself pigged out like a little piggy and I loved it. No shame.

I did another round of Insanity tonight. It was exhausting but so satisfying! You should try it. I’m determined to get toned and look drop dead fabulous by summer time.

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