The Perks Of A Full-Time Job

Can you believe that I’ve now got a full-time job? It’s not like I’ve not had previous jobs in the past, however this is actually my first proper full-time Monday-Friday job.

Yep I hear your gasps and bewildered faces but I’ve managed to put off the hard slog of adult life until now. And you know what? I’m actually enjoying it. So I thought I’d scribble down 10 things I prefer about having a full-time job.

1. You know where you’re going.

The amount of temping work I’ve done has provided me with so many skills and the experience I’ve needed to get the job I’m in now. However, getting up at various times in the morning and having no clue where you’re going until you get confirmation is such a hassle. It’s something that certainly becomes tiresome after a while so knowing where I’m based Monday-Friday is a blessing.


I’m actually so excited to be in the position where I can have work friends. The promotional work I had done before had certain staff I’d see again but it was never enough for me to say ‘Hey, let’s go to the pub for a bevvy‘. (Note, I’ve never said this in my entire life)

3. Consistency

Even though my new job has variety to it, there’s still the same tasks I need to do every day. I love the consistency that I get with this. With work I’ve done before, there’s been too much variation which for me at times was unsettling.

4. A Kitchen

This may seem pretty sad but I’m super happy that my workplace has a kitchen. This means I can have soups and warm up hot meals from home, without having to eat it cold!

5. Coffee on tap

That being said, coffee is now just a few steps away and whether that’s a good or bad thing, I no longer have to spend excessive amounts of money at Starbucks/Costa. It also means I won’t be having triple my sugar intake…

6. The Canteen

Discounted food within the building I work in?! Cheeky Food Friday is now a thing guys and it’s beautiful.

7. Support

It’s nice to have a great group of people that support you and one thing I found with promotional work is that we were more or less at the bottom of the chain. If you were ill, then you had to work or you’d get fined or struck off the books. There was never enough cover or support for promotional work so knowing I’m in a company that supports me as an employee is  very reassuring. 

8. Weekends

Who knew that having weekends off permanently would be a thing? No longer do I risk going a week without work, having three days off here or one day off there. It’s also opened up a lot of possibilities for myself and Sam to get away for a weekend from the hustle and bustle of London life.

9. Paid Holiday?!

Another perk of the job that I didn’t get with promotional work was paid holiday. There was no contract for work as a promotional staff member so you took your holidays when you could afford them. I’m now super happy to be in position where I can pick when I want to go and know that money isn’t a major issue.

10. Perks

One of the many perks of my job is that I get to work around books. They are on every floor and are stacked in most places, meaning I have my own personal library. More importantly, my 50 book target is definitely going to be achieved in no time.

Have you started a new job recently? Let me know what you love about your job in the comments below.

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