National Television Awards.

Thought i’d do something different on my blog for a change and dedicate it to the National Television Awards that took place the other night. To start off, I cannot believe that Anne Kirkbride has sadly passed away and so suddenly too. It’s been a while since the times that I’d sit down with my mammy and watch Coronation Street religiously every weekday so I haven’t been keeping up with the characters. Therefore, I never even realised that Anne had had cancer. It’s such a terrible loss and reminds us that cancer still needs to be cured. Hopefully and within our lifetime, this will happen as Anne was only 60 years old which is heart-breaking. I haven’t actually gotten round to watching the awards yet due to just being so busy but I will find a spare moment over the weekend to sit down and see who won what!

Seeing as I’m a big fan of fashion and hopefully I’ll be in a position one day where I can attend these events, I thought I’d give my opinion on some of what I thought were the best outfits of the night. So here goes!

Celebrity Celebrity

Rochelle Humes’ (on the right) from the British girl band The Saturdays, wore this stunning plunge dress in my absolute favourite colour. You can never really go wrong with a red dress, especially on darker toned skin. I find though that red can suit any skin tone because it’s a not a colour that will wash a person out. Rochelle’s dress is by a designer named Suzanne Neville and it’s so beautiful, giving her a flawless hour-glass shape. Lauren Pope (on the left) who I’d never heard of – I found out she’s off The Only Way Is Essex – wore this sheer, figuring-hugging dress made by designer Gareth Pugh. Daring I must say but a gorgeous and flattering dress that gives away a little without exposing any flesh. Sexy without the tacky!


Sammy Winward (on the right) from Emmerdale wore a beautiful pastel pink coloured dress which perfectly matches her skin tone and compliments the hair as well. Just as a side note, I love her as an actress and feel as though she should branch out of the television soap and try something new! Eden Taylor-Draper (on the left) looked simply stunning in this monochrome number. A young actress with a lot of talent looks so happy to be on the red carpet. The use of the black panel down the middle helps with the illusion of a slim shape, although this girl doesn’t need it!

And the worst dressed?


Now I hate to do this to the momager, Kris Kardashian (on the right) as I normally love her style and I LOVE the Kardashians but I think this dress failed for her. It’s not really got any hold to it and the detailing down the front doesn’t really do anything. I think if it were all white and figure-hugged in places it would be better but it’s a pretty average dress to be honest. And finally Stephanie Davis (on the left) from Hollyoaks. Now this dress, I’m all for exposing a bit of cheeky bum, but it’s a cross between a corset/leotard and a see-through mesh gown. It just doesn’t go and it the mesh design – well there’s just too much of it. Perhaps if it were sleeveless and had a cut up the side of the leg it would look better, but it’s just too much on the eyes.

Lastly, I was a bit disappointed to find that a lot of the magazine websites, don’t really cover the men’s outfits, which I feel is a bit of a let down as the men’s outfits are just as interesting as the women’s. What’s more is that there doesn’t seem to be many pictures I can find on the tinterweb of them! Well boys, I’m sure you all looked sexy as hell!

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