Sunday Quiz and Insanity.

Okay so I’m going back to writing the blog about the day before rather than doing the blog on the day of everything that happens that’s in the blog. I realise that made no sense. (So basically imagine it’s yesterday).

ANYWAY. I’ve told myself now that Sundays are my days off and will continue to be my days off forever. I hope. Today I spent, doing the complete opposite, however I did sleep in till 11pm so I gave myself a lie in at least. After getting up I gave my room a big spring clean and my god it looks beautiful. I even got myself a scented candle from the local Tescos and made my room smell divine. After finishing the tidying of my room, I managed to record my new YouTube video (which to bring this to the present time, is still not on my YouTube Channel.) I also managed to write my catch-up blog which you can now check out on this page. It’s likely to be underneath this blog post obviously…

Insanity Workout
It looks so scary!!!

After Sean got back from his band practice/gym session, we decided to take up a bit of fitness. Now I say fitness, at the moment it feels a bit like torture. It’s called Insanity and it’s a series of work-out dvds that are literally CRAZY. These people are superhuman, although when they start to flag in the video, you do feel slightly better about yourself. It’s normally 40 minutes of solid exercising and I can tell you now that I will be feeling it tomorrow! After we finished – albeit our more sweaty selves – got showered and changed and headed on over the pub to play a quiz! It’s a weekly tradition for Sean and his friends which I have now latched on to because I have no friends….I joke.

We had such a good night even though I think I may have had a little too much wine. I say think, I know I had way too much wine. I’m certainly going to feel that in the morning. That and feeling sore from Insanity. What a beautiful combination.

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