A Late Pancake Day And A Room With A View.

Pancake day was yesterday I know that, but myself and my housemate Sean were both too tired to go about making pancakes after I got in late last night from the secret project.  Even now as I’m writing this at 01.09am (oops) in the morning, I’m yawning my head off. I had a lie in this morning as I had the day off to get lots more things sorted. My mind seems to wander off a lot so unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of work done, plus Sean got home early and therefore I get easily distracted! Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Now I did have an excellently, tantalising picture of the stack of pancakes I’d made. However, to my sadness, the picture did not take so now I have no evidence of my culinary genius. 

Sean only had the one pancake, whereas greedy guts here had five pancakes. Now before you go shouting ‘what a greedy gorilla'(haha what?), I have saved some. Well I say some, it’s two halves of a pancake and it’s not even that big…

I thought I’d have the ‘left-overs’ for breakfast. It’s just a shame I’ve got no fruit in the house because of going home tomorrow.

I literally cannot wait to go home and see the family and celebrate my daddykin’s 50th birthday. I actually can’t believe he’s going to be turning 50. He must be feeling old. I may have to remind him or speak slightly louder when I get back. Yes, I am making a joke, however there’s plenty of opportunity for family banter.

So now I’m lying in bed, I’m going to bid you goodnight and leave with you my beautiful view at the foot of my bed. Pictures, cuddly toys and candles are just perfect.

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