Increasing Your DA – Helpful Tips

SEO is one of those things that most people either know a lot about or very little. With the internet and it’s social media platforms constantly changing, it’s hard for those wanting to stay prominent on the web to keep up with the ever changing algorithms and increasing competition.

I am not at all perfect at SEO and it’s something that I want to focus on mainly in 2017 but I’ve already discovered a few ways of how you can build up your DA (Domain Authority – How high you rank on search engines) from just a few simple tasks. 

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Posting blogs whenever you feel like it will unfortunately not bring in those regular readers that you’re after. Instead you need to work out how many blog posts you can publish per week, pick a time that you’ll post these blogs up and stick to it. I do the very time consuming 7 blog posts a week. Now do not panic, 1 or 2 blog posts a week is fine as long as you are posting these up at the same time and on the same day. So for example, I post every day at 7pm. I’ve certainly noticed a rise of viewers on my blog at 7pm mainly because of promoting it on my social media but also I’ve noticed that a few returning readers come back to my blog at that point to look for updates. Being consistent basically tells Google that your producing content on a regular basis and this is probably the most important aspect of taking your DA higher and higher.


Keywords are important to link your blog post to words that prospective readers will be searching for on Google. Making sure your title isn’t too long or too short is important, as well as making it catchy. You want the reader to click on the post because they are interested in the what it’s about and the title is that hook that will grab them (now I’m thinking about fishing). Also I’ve found that adding those words, from your title into the first paragraph of your blog post,  also helps create more engagement. 

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I use Blogger as the platform for my blog and I’m hesitant to migrate it anywhere else. When you are writing up a blog post on Blogger, you have a section on your right hand side for Labels and Description. These are two important boxes that will not only help group blog posts together but will also increase your chances of getting seen on search engines.

Labels are words you would use to describe the blog post. So for example, a post called 10 Beauty Hacks You Have To Try would have words like; beauty, beauty hacks, list blog, beauty advice, hacks. These labels unless moved will normally appear at the bottom of the blog post. If a reader clicks on one of the words, they will be taken to a page that includes all your blog posts with that label. This is a great way of grouping posts because someone who clicks on the beauty label because they love that topic will find all your posts relating to beauty, meaning they’ll probably stay on your blog for longer.

Description is I believe, what shows up on the search engine below your post title. I usually copy and paste the same words into the description that were also in the labels. I’ve found that I rank higher if I searched 10 Beauty Hacks and added those words into my description than I would have if I left the description box empty.


I hadn’t realised until recently that photos are actually an extra addition to helping raise your online profile. If you click on a photo you’ve uploaded into a blog post and on Blogger, click on the properties button, you’ll have two boxes to fill in; the Title Text and the ALT Text. The Title Text, I normally enter a few words from the title of the post. So for example this could be 10 Beauty Hacks or Beauty Hacks You Have To Try. In the ALT Text, this is basically a description of what the photo is. ALT Texts are important for those people who read it, that can’t view the photos themselves and therefore are a text alternative to the image.

This I feel is where the DA rose quite considerably. I’ve only done a page of posts and this is definitely a task that will take a while if you have a lot of blog posts already. I have over 500 blog posts and I’d say about 100 of them are at a SEO-friendly standard so there’s a long way to go but it’s worth it!

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Linking and Guest Posting

The annoying thing about blogging daily is that most of the time, the content of a blog post is really good because we put so much effort into it. Unfortunately though, these can get lost pretty quickly in the mass amount that’s published there after. Linking blog posts to other posts is a great way of keeping the engagement with your readers but to also keep older blog posts active. Allowing guest bloggers to contribute to your blog as well as contributing to other bloggers’ sites will also help your prominence on the Internet as long as you remind guest bloggers to actively promote their own content that’s on your site and that you do the same for posts you contribute on other sites.

Fixing Broken Links

There’s nothing more frustrating when a new reader comes across a blog post, only to find that a link to the dress you were promoting leads to a error page. A lot of this is down to that website simply updating and deleting pages so it’s important to keep on top of this and fix broken links. You can find broken link checkers online and I’d recommend replacing those links with something that’s relevant. For example, a link to a sale item on New Look that has now been deleted? Replace that link with a link to the main page of New Look. It means that yes they won’t get to see that sale item, but they will still be going to New Look and if you have an affiliate link, there’s an equal chance they may buy something!

So there’s my helpful tips for increasing your DA and social presence on the Internet. Do you have any tips you’ve learnt from blogging? Let me know in the comments below.

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