Finally Home And Making New Friends.

I’m currently writing this from the comfort of my warm and cosy bed in Stoke-on-Trent! It feels so good to be back with the family and I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with my favourite people. 

I was meant to have a promotional job today before leaving London, however it got cancelled so naughty me, I would have only worked one day this week! Never mind, I think I deserve it with the amount of work I’ve been doing the last few weeks and it will be back onto the horse starting from next week. This means lots more interesting stuff to blog about too! I set off this afternoon at around 4pm so that I would arrive with plenty of time to spare which was a good thing that I did as I had a good half an hour just to relax and get myself sorted before boarding the bus home. I took the National Express this time round and was pretty impressed by its timing as it got to the station 15 minutes before and we left bang on the dot at 6.30pm. Now unfortunately Megabus sometimes (well most of time recently) fails to show up on time, nevermind arriving 15 minutes earlier! 

I also made a friend on the bus today, this guy may read it as we added each other on Facebook! A lovely guy named Alberto from Italy and we basically talked through the majority of the trip which made it fly by! He has also suggested both me and him with our partners go out for a drink in London at some point when we are all free. How lovely eh? Now over the past week or two, I’ve been feeling super homesick and it’s tough because I’m so close to my family and hate being away from them for long periods of times and I hadn’t seen them since Christmas. Almost two months away from each other ):

Mammy and Papa Redman came to collect me from the bus station and I got some lovely hugs from everyone which I’d waited for, for so long! And now I’m all tucked up in bed, I’m looking forward so much to seeing the rest of the famalam. This reminds me actually that I need to start recording some videos for my weekly vlog! Better get started tomorrow.

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