Last Day With 121 and Recording Voices!

So I thought I’d tell you the company I worked for considering we took photos today for promotional purposes for Beautiful Minds. This was the promotional company I got hired through. The company today and yesterday we were working for on behalf of BM was called 121. 

Promo Girls

We managed to finish early which was perfect as I was able to get to my local Sainsbury’s to pick up my dollars for New York. You cannot imagine my face when the woman was counting it out…good thing she didn’t look up to see a beaming yet slightly weird woman looking at the notes!

American Dollars

This evening, myself and Sean finally got round to using our voicereels to good use. We recorded, with the help of our beautiful Maria, a couple of audition pieces to send off. We’re both part of a voiceover casting website so hopefully something will come of them!

Fingers crossed!

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