You Said It

You ever walked into card shop and hopelessly searched the aisles in the hopes that you’ll come across a cracker of a card for your friend? But instead you go for one that wahey surprise surprise, someone got them the exact same one. It’s like when you go shopping for a nice dress and then you discover to your horror that miss-she-looks-good-in-a-bin-bag has decided to go for the same one? Not cool.

So instead of weeping silently in the corner of Paperchase or Waterstones or wherever you get your cards, why not try You Said It.

Rude Card

I know, re-read it because it’s that foul. These cards are wicked and they sure aren’t for the fainted-hearted. Why did I pick this one out of the selection available online, I hear you ask. Well firstly it was probably the most tame one on there but it was also the most relevant. You see my sibling and eldest of two brothers is turning the unfortunate age of 21 this August. I’d say my relationship with Ashley is pretty chill and I think that he would find this card absolutely hilarious. I don’t think he reads every blog post I put up so I’m hoping he won’t see this until I actually give it to him on his birthday.

Rude words

You Said It cards are a small print and design company based in Carlisle, Cumbria. All their cards are printed in house and are made on triple coated premium quality papers. They cost the same as what you’d find in your local supermarket store but they are rude, crude and hilarious.

But the You Said It team warn customers…

‘Please ensure you only give our cards to those who will take them in good humour. We won’t be held responsible for any relationships that end as a result of our cards so please don’t blame us because you said it!’

Hysterical. So Ashley Redman whether you see this by chance or not, this one’s coming to you. Check out the range here.

What do you think of these cards? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.