Elliott’s Birthday and A Great Day At Work!

So the vlog is finally up on my YouTube Channel. For those who don’t know, myself, Maria and Sean went to pay Elliott a visit for his birthday weekend. We had loads of fun especially with the semi nice weather we had and how can you not have fun in Aberystwyth?! If you’re ever down there, make sure you experience the nightlife. For a small town, it sure knows how to party!


Today was such a great day, I was working for a mining conference in London and I got all the perks! Free breakfast and lunch and glass of wine to finish my shift off. What an awesome bunch of people they were! I’m always reluctant to tell you the company name or event just because they might not appreciate me talking about the conference or giving away freebies….so that’s why I’m not telling you everything in detail.

Now we’re having a cute movie night watching Homeward Bound and eating ice-cream. What a perfect way to end the day!

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