Determined to succeed.

There have been numerous times that I’ve asked myself, why did I get myself into this industry? At the mere age of 22, I’m discovering that this industry is very tough to get into and it’s especially tough if you haven’t got the name of an accredited drama school on you’re resume. I’m definitely not one to give up easily in nature and I hate to be stuck in one place for too long. I’m optimistic that I will achieve something incredible within my career but I’m also not going to spend my life ‘just getting by’, especially in London. I feel as though my life at the moment, in regards to work and my career in acting, is a constant balance. I have to work enough to get by, but then I also have to free myself up enough to attend last minute castings.

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It’s very difficult to remain optimistic about you’re career when you’re the one living it. It’s all good enough for people to tell you to keep at it and that you’ll get there eventually but it’s so difficult to have that same mindset yourself. I’ve learnt so far that the industry is very small and it’s all about who you know and not what you know most of the time. I’m keen to develop myself as an actress and this natural urge to be on stage or acting in front of a camera is so painful when I’m not doing it! This isn’t a blog about me moaning about not progressing anywhere in the industry, it’s a way of me giving myself a motivational kick up the bottom. I know where I want to get to, I’m definitely NOT going to be working as a promo girl till I’m in my 40s that’s for sure.

I very much believe that I will succeed, there’s a drive that’s within me that will not let me fail or give up, no matter how hard it becomes.

And that my friends is all for now.

Jeez I babble too much.

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