Back Into Panto And Family.

It’s time for pantomime!

OH no it isn’t.


Ok, I’ll stop now but you guessed it or probably already know if you’ve read my previous blogs but I’m not about to venture into a week long run of the pantomime, Aladdin! I’m playing Princess Jasmine and this will be my first professional stage credit. OH MY DAYS I’M SO EXCITED. If anyone reading this lives around the area of Rugeley then head on down to the Rugeley Rose Theatre this Friday evening or Saturday to see me and the cast in action. 

Hell yeah, I can see the resemblance… 

We got back into the swing of things today, although a little rusty, we managed to refresh all the main blocking of the panto itself so tomorrow we will be in the theatre running it and going through the songs and dances. I’m just excited to get back onto the stage as the last time I was on would have been Fame in Aberystwyth when I was still a university student (let’s not talk about university else I might cry). I also worked out that one of the girls who is in the panto is driving back and forth to Rugeley and originally I was staying in accommodation but turns out I can get lifts with her. This means, to my delight and my family, that I can stay at home all week. During the week, we have the school performances so I’ll be able to get back to Stoke-on-Trent by around 4ish. This means I can get dropped off at my Nan’s and spend time with them before going back to the house when my mum finishes work. SPLENDID!

It’s turned out so well and more affordable for me as I’d have to be buying out for food all week and I just don’t have the money to do that at the moment. After rehearsals today, my family had organised my nan and grandad to come over for tea and we all had steak. Dang it I’ve missed meals at home, not just because we had steak but that we were all sitting round the table. Unfortunately, most of the time. me and Sean eat at different times because we get in at different times in the evening which sucks. Although, we do try and eat together some times so we try and find moments where we can as much as we can!

Eating round the table as a family though, is something I definitely miss. I don’t know if every family does it and I do remember at school a lot of my friends would tell me it was rare that there families would ever eat together. I think this time is probably most important in a family, especially when the children are young as it provides a chance for everyone to share their stories of the day or talk over problems or discuss something interesting or important. I JUST LOVE IT!

I also received some beautiful and certainly unexpected, flowers from Maria, Hannah & Maria’s mum aka Mummy Wyles. They were some beautiful and I plan on taking one with me to the theatre on Tuesday which is the opening of pantomime, to give me good luck.

I literally have the most amazing people around me. I’m so blessed! Thank you girls and mammy Wyles for such a thoughtful gift. I love you all so much. Right I must get some sleep to be ready for another full day of rehearsals tomorrow!

Spread the love my friends,

Natalie-Ann x

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