Barry M Lip Oils

Now I must give credit where credit is due and thank Hannah Heartss for featuring these beautiful lip oils on her blog, which made me go out and buy them myself. Now, after using them, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using a standard lip balm. So thank you Hannah!

The Barry M Lip Oils were stocked onto shelves pretty recently, so they were introduced just in time for this summer weather we’ve experienced here in the UK. The oils are completely different to that of a lip gloss, which I love. I really do not like wearing lip glosses because they normally tend to be sticky and having long hair doesn’t help when it’s windy. (long hair = hair goes all over sticky lips #gross)

I brought both shades which were Go Loco and Berry Good. Go Loco is a clear oil whereas Berry Good has a slight pink tint. They both live up to their name with the Go Loco smelling of coconuts and Berry Good smelling of…well…berries. Swatches of the lip oils can be seen below.

The oils, though likely not to be completely natural both have nourishing ingredients. Go Loco contains coconut oil and camellia and Berry Good has raspberry & pomegranate oils. The price is very reasonable with them priced at just £4.99 each. Hopefully they’ll release a couple more tinted versions as the slight tint works just as well as a standard lip gloss. 

I think the difference with the tint depends on the natural colour of your lip. So in this case, you can’t really notice anything.

The only problem I faced with the oils is with the Berry Good leaking. For some reason, whether it’s simply a one off fault, there seems to be too much product in the tube. This meant that when I screwed the lid back on, it seeped out of the gap. However, I’ve found that by keeping the product standing, it avoids this issue. So instead, I leave the Berry Good at home and keep the Go Loco in my handbag. Finally, I love the application which is a simple sponge swab that actually rotates to give full coverage with one application. This also means I’m using as little product as necessary.

Make sure you check these lip oils out if you are a fan of keep those puckers moisturised!

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