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Apparently pronounced Nicks (thanks for telling me as I’ve just been saying it as N-Y-X all this time), NYX is a brand that I’ve been obsessed with. Their lip suede creams are beautifully formulated to create a matte finish that keeps the lips hydrated. I decided to take the plunge and buy a few more to hopefully add to the collection because Feel Unique had a 50% sale on!

I bought two more Liquid Suede Creams, one from the Cosmic Metals range and two eye shadow creams from the Lingerie line. Now before I go any further, I must admit that I kind of cocked up with these shades. I was feeling a little ballsy and wanted to pick some colours that I wouldn’t normally go for. 

Unfortunately, I should have told frivolous Natalie that one’s pale skin does not always go with everything. There’s probably only a couple of these I’ll use on the lips but I had a thought that perhaps I could actually use the ones I didn’t like on the ol’ eyelids! It would save me having to quietly sob as I put them in the bin.  

NYX Liquid Suede Cream – Clubhopper (£3.50)

Probably my one favourite out of the three lip shades that I bought, Clubhopper is quite similar to Subversive Socialite which you can find in my previous haul but has more dark brown undertones. It’s the perfect lip for the Winter but it’s just light enough to get away with during the Summer. This one was reduced from £7.00 so it’s a right bargain!

NYX Cosmic Metals – Extraterrastrial (£4.20)

Next up is this swamp like colour that I picked purely because I dared myself to. This is probably my least favourite not only because of the shade but also because of the applier it came with was just ridiculous. It’s a very fluffy doe-ish shaped wand that makes it so hard to apply to the lips.

I definitely could see myself wearing this shade perhaps as party of a fancy dress/Halloween costume but my pale skin just makes this colour wash me out. This one was £4.20 which I’m a little bummed about losing out on but I’m also going to try them out on my eyes too, perhaps using this as an eyeliner.

NYX Liquid Suede Cream – Downtown Beauty (£3.50)

The second liquid suede shade I got was this mud brown, kind of looks like poop on my lips. It’s a much watery and less pigmented shade than what I’m used to with the Liquid Suede Cream formulas so I can’t help but think I’ve got one from a bad batch. The colour is workable on the lips but again I’m not a die hard fan of it.

NYX Lingerie – Whimsy (£6.00)

Now because it’s Summer, I decided to try out these eye creams as I’d swatched a couple of them in store whilst on my holidays in France. They look super pretty on the lid but one day I tried them on my lips just because. I was blow away at how beautiful Whimsy looked on the lips but the sad part is that because it’s been formulated for the eyes, although it dries quickly, it comes off pretty easily. I think it’s because the formula isn’t waterproof. It’s a shame because this shade is a perfect Summer time look. If anyone knows where I can find a lipstick/lip gloss version of this, let me know!

NYX Lingerie – Rose Pearl (£6.00)

This is actually my favourite on the eyes because it’s simple, not too fussy and looks fabulous on tanned skin. Like the Whimsy shade, the formula sets quickly and also makes for a great lip colour. I think it’s a little too light for me so I may use this in the future as a lip topper as well as for my eyes. With beauty, a lot of products are now being used for other parts of the face and not just for it’s original purpose. I’ve loved experimenting with these colours so overall I’m not that upset by my haul.

What do you think of NYX’s range of lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below.

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