Five Reasons To Stop Biting You’re Nails!

OK so I can’t talk when other people bite they’re nails because I do it myself. I don’t just bit my nails but I nibble away at the skin around them. Over the years it was mainly both but now I’ve managed to stop biting my nails so much but I’m still gnawing away at my fingers. I often wonder how it started and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion (and I’ve mentioned it to him before) that my dad was the influence as he always and still does bit his nails. I think maybe some of it was due to stress as well and boredom. I’m hoping that this post will not only help my fellow nail biters but help me also to end the war on my finger nails before it’s too late…

1. You may be causing someone else to do it.

What a cheeky chap! Don’t forget they’re watching you…

Children are one of the most influential beings, they watch everything we do and they learn from it. Whether it’s listening to you read a book, performing an action or speaking a word, they’re brains are like sponges absorbing it all. Nail biting for me was probably taken from my Dad. No matter how often my Nan or Mum would tell me to stop biting, it was a natural habit that sometimes I didn’t even realise I was doing! 

2. It may become a permanent scar.

What the?!

Over time, just like a scab, if you pick at it, it will scar. I’ve already noticed this on my nails with the skin around it. It’s become slightly redder than it used to be which I believe means that the skin isn’t repairing itself properly.The same goes for biting you’re nails, over time you see the skin around the tip of you’re nails start to sink into where you’re nail should be. This then creates a stubby look to you’re nails. Not good!

3. For performers, image is everything. You may limit yourself when it comes to castings.

Sorry we can’t cast you. You have goblin hands.

For a while now, I’ve seen castings come up that I’ve had to turn down or not apply to because it requires you to have perfect nails. Mine are certainly not perfect. The more you limit yourself as a performer, the more you stand less of a chance getting roles. Ok, so no one’s perfect but when you’re a performer, you’re image is everything so I really should stop biting my nails!

4. No one will want to shake or hold you’re hand.

Erm no.

Put yourself in they’re shoes. When you see someone who wants to hold you’re hand and it’s red, puffy and sore, would you want to hold their hand? Nope, didn’t think so. Although you could always wear gloves I suppose. I don’t know how anyone can hold my hand!

5. And lastly, it’s not attractive.

I think she’s used a felt tip for this look.

Like this woman’s apparent drawn on eyebrows, having bitten nails is not a good look.

Now I just have to convince myself to stop biting my own nails.

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