MADE – The Design & Craft Fair (22-25th October 2015)

So I’ve been given another opportunity to experience something new! I’m attending The Design &  Craft Fair event taking place in London on the 22nd October 2015 (tomorrow for those who are reading this blog post on the 21st October 2015) Ha.

An event that is fast becoming a place for some of the top contemporary designers and makers in Europe to show off their creations. It’s a top-selling event that is sure to attract people from all over the place over the few days that the show is on. I’ve been invited along to have a good old explore and to feedback on what I’ve seen. Hopefully, you my readers may have a little extra time to go and see this event and perhaps to gain some inspiration on ideas for you’re home, you’re surroundings and yourself!

I’ll be writing up a blog post the day after the event with hopefully full of images and details on the event itself. But for now, check out their website and if it’s something you’d be interested in, go grab yourself a ticket!

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