Chopping My Hair Off For Charity

You may have read about Katy’s story a few weeks ago on my blog. If you haven’t then check it out here. Katy is not too far away from reaching her £50,000 goal but every little helps in pushing her that little bit closer to the target. It’s an expensive treatment and the sooner she’s able to start it, the better!

I have jumped in the deep end and decided to raise money for Katy and to also give to an incredible charity called the Little Princess Trust. I have had my long locks now since high school and I’ve only ever cut my hair to shoulder length. HOWEVER, all that is about to change. To raise money for Katy, I am doing a sponsored hair chop. That means I’ll be chopping TWELVE INCHES of my hair off. The reality of this amount is actually just hitting me as I write this blog. That’s a lot of hair to lose! 

The hair that is cut will be plaited beforehand, ready to be posted off to the Little Princess Trust. This is after I’ve cried profusely and tried to attach it back onto my head.

Like most hair on your body, it grows back. So it may be short and it might not suit me. It may disappoint or shock my friends and family to see me lose my long hair. However, I hope that instead they’ll be proud and understanding of just how much this will help those in need. The money raised will go towards Katy being able to watch her beautiful children grow up. The hair chopped off will give some girl the chance to feel confident again after losing her own hair to cancer.

Cancer is a terrible disease that effects so many of us and it’s pretty much impossible to find someone who hasn’t come into contact with cancer, whether it be a family member or friend.

Give all you can give and if you don’t have money to spare, then please share this blog post to anyone you know. To find out more about Katy’s journey click here and for the Little Princess Trust, click here.

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