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Maria Hatzistefanis is the founder of Rodial Skincare, a luxury skincare range that has been running since 1999. It’s products range from skincare, make-up, fitness and make-up accessories. When the company started, they didn’t have the use of social media so I’m sure it was a hard slog to get to where they are today.  Watching on her YouTube Channel about how she started her business, she talks about how she travelled and researched for a year to understand where the niche was in the market. Clever lady! The likes of Jourdan Dunn and Ellie Goulding use these products and the company has featured in Vogue and Cosmopolitan to name but a few.

The creator and founder of Rodial has recently created a YouTube channel to demonstrate the beautiful products that they have on offer. It’s also a way to raise the profile of the company to a younger audience, particularly fashion and make-up bloggers who have an influential volume of younger readers.

Upon watching a few of these videos, I learnt instantly some key tips of the techniques A-List make-up artists use in order to create works of art on the face. Contouring is one of my favourite techniques to do but is something I’m pretty new to, so I love to watch tutorials on where the contouring is best used. Rodial’s tutorial is informative, top quality and most of all, it looks natural. I find that with quite a few contouring how to’s on the web, some look too apparent and false. The videos Rodial uploads are short and brief, containing all the important information without all the blah blah blah. It gets straight to the point and that’s how most people like it!

In the run up to Christmas, you may be looking for those typical Christmas sets that are a great stocking filler and what most make-up obsessed women would love to have! Check out just a few below ranging from £12-£40.

If you like the look of any of these, be sure to check out they’re website and definitely have a look at their YouTube Channel for helpful tips and tutorials to change up you’re make-up style, whether it be day to day or something for a bit of evening glam.

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