The Joy Of Plants

The other night I was invited along to attend the launch of a project which will hopefully enable more men to incorporate plants into their own living space. Yes you heard right, go along with me on this one…


Apparently due to research, having houseplants at home can give the average man a little more luck with the ladies. According to a survey done on The Joy of Plants website out of 3,000 British men and women, one in five women find men more attractive if he owns a plant. 84% say it shows he’s more caring and 49% say it’s a sign of good taste. 34% even believes it to be the marker of a healthy lifestyle. I have to admit that when I was in the dating world, I never saw any plants. Instead it was old laundry, left over take-away and the damp that had formed in the corner of the room.


The launch I attended was held at Sharps Barber and shop. A hipster’s paradise, the cafe come barber’s is the perfect location for the modern London man. Boasting an impressive coffee machine, they had me at the sight of the triple barrelled coffee dispenser. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good ol’ coffee.


The plants even have a glossy appearance in the iconic GQ magazine. They must be working wonders for all the lovely men out there! Researchers picked out the top plants for men and these were showcased at the event. Sharps was also offering free services including facial shaves and hair cuts. I managed to get Sam in the chair and he came out sporting a hip new hair do.


Here are the Top Plants for Men – if your a fella and want some help on picking your first plant!

1. Tropical specimens: such as the Coffee Arabica which is the parent of all espresso and offers a calming effect on its surroundings. (Great then if your big fan of coffee and prone to hangovers)


2. Rare plants, such as the carnivorous pitcher plant (Sarracenia Leucophylla) has the added benefit of ensnaring any unwanted flies. (or guests for that matter?)


3. Big plants. With the right care most can grow to an impressive size. Just look at the small Agave, which blooms into an enormous flower with some TLC. (Otherwise it becomes impressively titchy)


4. Tough guys such as the prickly Myrtillocactus. Some varieties of which are used to craft several psychedelic concoctions in its native Mexico. (Just don’t mistake it for anything else you’ll get a nasty surprise)


5. Hanging plants, such as the climbing Ficus Pumila – which also combats stale air odours and subsequently making you feel all the better for it. (Boys get rid of that foul take-out/dirty washing smell)


The food was super tasty and I greatly appreciated it after not being able to grab anything after work!



And let’s not forget the delicious craft beer that was on offer. We tried both, one I think was a blonde on and the other was slightly darker. Both were super tasty and went down a treat.

Finally, I got round to chatting the event organisers, including Chris who I’d spoken to via e-mail and we were both handed our own goodie bags! When we left, I was so happy to see our very own plants! They now take pride of place in our living room window sill.

The is an initiative of The Flower Council of Holland and lets consumers experience feeling better with plants around you. The Flower Council of Holland is the marketing heart for flowers and plants. They want to make flowers and plants special again for people worldwide, because flowers give you joy in abundance and plants make you feel good!


So why not get yours today and Join the conversation #VITAMINPLANT


Natalie-Ann x

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