Summer Fashion Trends: The Looks You Need To Know About

With the summer fast approaching, it’s high time we all got thinking about what we’re going to be wearing when the weather finally hots up. The summer is an inherently upbeat season, and thanks to the warm weather, it means that the range of options open to you are far greater than during other seasons. If you want to wear a summer dress, nothing is stopping you.


But as with all things, fashion moves on every year which makes it difficult to keep up. Fear not. The following are some of the fashion trends we’re likely to see over the coming months.



Wear Super-Brights


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Super-brights formed a massive part of the offerings of many fashion designers on the catwalk this year with pink, in particular, playing a prominent role. Designers such as Valentino, Celine, and Balenciaga all dominated the Paris Fashion Show with their bold, super-brights in what seemed like a competition to show off the most shockingly bright colors possible. What was so unusual was that the designer’s pink dresses didn’t come with any of the usual styling frills: it was all about color.




A Return To The 1980s



It was only a matter of time before the fashion world decided to return to the 80s. We’ve already seen things like the vintage movement trying to recapture the essence of styles from the past, but up until now, the 80s have been skimmed over, probably because the decade was seen as an unfortunate blemish in fashion’s otherwise impeccable history.


Some stylists, however, are rethinking the 80s, taking what was good about it and updating it for a modern audience. Designers have resurrected styles from the decade in the form of draped volume and shine fabrics. Of course, some of these items are very pricey, but with a Shopbop promo code or something similar, you might be able to find a good deal. Don’t expect the 80s to return to day wear anytime soon. The resurrection of the decade is all about going out and having fun with a throwback to an earlier era, not showing up to work with frizzy hair.



Florals From Head-To-Toe



Are florals groundbreaking? Well, perhaps not – unless, of course, you’re draped from head-to-toe in them. And, this year, some fashion designers have done precisely that, going full throttle on the look and wowing audiences at the catwalk.

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This year we saw Chloe offering blousy 1970s bouquets while Balenciaga opted for neon carnations. Marques’Almeida showed off its Rococo-style jacquard florals and raw hems.


Mixing And Matching


Have you ever just stared at your wardrobe and wondered how you’re going to put a decent outfit together? You’re not alone. In fact, it looks as if fashion designers have been doing the same thing this year, mixing and matching whatever is there and using it to construct an outfit.


According to What To Wear, there’s something valuable in this new wave of eclecticism. Dolce, for instance, is matching regular jeans up with lots of jeweled accessories, motif t-shirts, and trophy jackets.



If you want to pull off the mix-and-match look, it’s best to stick to a strict color palette.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post.