Trust Deodorant

Imagine applying a deodorant which curbs odour for THREE TO SIX WHOLE DAYS. That means you can exercise, shower and do your daily thang without the need to reapply. That’s just stupid right?! Well think again…

Trust has been distributed by Dovedale since 1986. They’re a family owned business and have been protecting their customers from bad odour for years, consistently and effectively. I got the chance to review their underarm product which promises to get rid of underarm odour for three to six days. The formula that is used, deals with the bacteria rather than masking the smell, which they say most deodorants do.

Now when I think about a deodorant that can last for up to six days, I get skeptical. Surely when you’ve sweated or exercised, you’d want to take a shower. Really the deodorant should wash off?

I decided to test out the Trust deodorant for a week to see if it’s as effective as it says it is. The deodorant is in a cream form, in a small tub that is meant to hold 2 months worth of usage in it. The ingredients are a blend of herbal and natural products which you can smell quite clearly once you open the pot. It was strange to apply – what was a deodorant – to my underarms as it felt like I was applying Sudocream. I followed the instructions and the reviews I’d read, which were to use a small amount on the hair growth and to not massage the cream into the skin.

Feeling a little un-nerved, I continued on with my day which involved at least 10,000 steps on my pedometer and a session at the gym. I got back sweating but no odour. I then showered and I was actually surprised to later notice that even after washing, there wasn’t an odour. I was certainly tempted to reapply some more but I decided against it. After another TWO days of wearing the deodorant, it wasn’t until the end of day three that I felt a slight odour coming back. The deodorant works differently depending on the individual. It can last a few days or it could hold off the odour for longer. I think the more prone to sweat, the likely you are to get the bacteria back and the odour with it.

Overall I was definitely impressed with the result. The pot is a little weird getting used to but after the second or third application, it becomes quite normal. The company doesn’t test on animals but does use animal by-products such as Beeswax and Lanolin. It can be used when pregnant and when/if you’re on a menstrual cycle. However the effectiveness may differ slightly on the latter.

Trust has been selling in the UK for 15 year so it’s quite a reputable business. You can buy them either on Amazon for £8.25. You can get the product on their website for £7.95 here. They also do a anti-odourant for the foot if you suffer from the good ol’ smelly feet.

Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for my own honest opinion.