‘CHOPCHOP is your artificial Intelligence Chef to sort out your kitchen nightmares this Christmas!’

Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas?! I can’t believe how quick this year has gone, especially the last half of the year. It’s just flown by! Since October, I’ve been working with so many different brands using helpful websites that connect brands and bloggers such as BloggersRequired. So far, I’ve had the opportunity to receive books, clothing, cosmetics and have attended multiple events. I predict 2016 for me is going to be a big year not just for my blogging but for my acting as well. I’m currently in the process of seeking a Masters course, hopefully at a drama school. I’ve spent a year out, settling into adult life, experiencing London living for the first time and trying out my luck with the whole acting malarky. Turns out, it’s harder than I thought it would be.

But anyway, more updates on that later. In this blog, I want to talk to you about a great new app called CHOPCHOP. I had the absolute pleasure of being invited along with both my partner and my housemate to a cooking lesson with a difference. Look at me saying difference as if I’ve been to a cooking lesson before. NOT. I am as basic a cook as you going to get. Granted I’m not like my mum who knows the only cupboard in our kitchen back home is where the wine’s kept! However, I am not a fantastic cook, I can cook basic meals but nothing too extravagant. My dad never let the kids cook when we were younger. I remember baking whenever I got the chance and when dad came home, the look of fear would hit his face when he saw me pulling out a batch of slightly overcooked, and severely odd looking scones out of the oven. 

I was at first going to cancel going to this event as I realised I wouldn’t finish work in time to go. However, my lovely boyfriend and housemate were both free to be there on my behalf until I got there. In the end though, only my boyfriend managed to make it as my housemate was too tired to which I got several messages from Sam, asking me what I had let him in for and that the walk to the community centre was a bit dodgy (he definitely walked a different route than I did!).

After arriving at the community centre, a little bedraggled from the rain, I met two members of the app’s team,  JinA and Johnson.

JinA who is the CEO of the company had thankfully been looking after stressful Sam, who had already prepped and was cooking the starter and finely cutting up some herbs to go in a marinade for the main. Johnson, I ran into when I was part way through my mains dish. I didn’t make the best first impressions when hot oil from my pan fired out onto his face and nearly caused him blindness. I’m exaggerating, he was fine but still, what a great way to say hello!

CHOPCHOP is an app that is certainly ‘revolutionary’. We all struggle with cooking, whether it be keeping time, making sure we’re adding the right ingredients (and the right amount). Most of the time for me, cooking dishes ends up in experimenting and seeing what comes out. Bakery for me as an example is a complete fail every time. The app is essentially a smart cooking guide, a detailed but easy to use formula that shows the user how a professional chef would prep and cook a dish. It’s like having your own personal chef helping you along with your meal!

‘Simply choose the different dishes you want to cook in the app. CHOPCHOP will then merge multiple recipes into an optimised cooking sequence and guide you through cooking a full meal, with step-by-step photos, voice-activated guidance and dynamic timers that keep track of all your pots and pans.’

The app even has timers installed into it so you can time how long something takes to roast, boil etc which makes the whole cooking process flow much better than using multiple timers on your phone, Ipad and laptop.

The photos were a great aid for helping me and Sam when we didn’t quite get what the instruction meant. It provided us with additional help that was visual to us on the screen. The app gives you the option of going back and forth, giving the user flexibility and the chance to not get lost or confused along the way.

Me and Sam had so much fun cooking together and we were opposite another couple who looked like they were enjoying it too. This is a great app that can allow even the youngest of family members to get involved. Hopefully this can spur on children/teenagers to get more creative and start learning a vital skill for growing up. I had to figure it out the hard way, going from home where everything was cooked to university where everything was….well nasty.

If you’re interested in getting the app and trying it out this festive season then head on over to the Apple Store and download it for FREE! Yes I said free. The app has 60 seasonal recipes and gives you the opportunity to tailor make dishes to suit your needs and tastebuds! It’s not available on Android at the moment but here’s hoping it’s so popular, the demand allows it to be so.

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