Hetty Feather

Introducing Hetty Feather and her latest adventures. You will never know how excited I was to find out that I’d be chosen to receive and review a book by Jacqueline Wilson. This woman played a major part in my childhood as I grew up watching the stories and adventures of Tracey Beaker in the Dumping Ground. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here. Hetty Feather is another one of Jacqueline Wilson’s characters, a child brought up in a Foundling hospital, destined for the life of a servant. Her brother also attended the hospital and her mother worked there. When her mother died, she escaped from the Foundling hospital and she went on to perform at the Tanglefield Circus. Most recently though, she has ran away from the circus with her friend Diamond after a cruel clown called Beppo would hurt Diamond if she tumbled in her routine. This novel follows their journey from the circus and to a new life they hope will be as music artists at the Cavalcade Music Hall.

Little Stars‘ tells the story of Hetty Feather and Diamond, finding their way riding on a penny farthing, to the Cavalcade Music Hall where they quickly becoming Little Stars of the show. However the music hall is both thrilling and dangerous, and Hetty must fight to protect Diamond, who is longing for a normal childhood. Hetty also discovers her sweetheart ‘Flirty Bertie’ is also performing at the music hall and so there’s a little bit of romance within the story as well.

Jacqueline Wilson has this undeniable talent of being able to allow the reader to really imagine the story in front of their very own eyes. It’s something that the character Tracey Beaker did numerous times and it’s that little reminder that we were all children once…some of us still are. It reminds us to never stop imagining. Imagination is the most creative thing in the world and without it, where would we be?!

I got sent the hardback book in all it’s circus and psychedelic design, a t-shirt with the book on it and a canvas bag which I LOVE. Stories about Hetty Feather, Tracey Beaker and other protagonists were a staple part of me growing up. They made me realise that nothing is ever impossible and that even though you have bad days, they are lessons learnt and there will always be good days to follow.

I really enjoyed reading Hetty Feather that I managed to read it within just over a week, and this week has been pretty busy! If you want to snap it up for yourself then click here to purchase it!

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