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So I’ve decided to jump back on the wagon and start daily blogging again. The reason I stopped was that I was transitioning into self-employment and therefore panicking about not getting enough work. I’ve been working flat out since around the 2nd January and I haven’t been back at the house long enough to really commit to writing blogs on a daily basis. Obviously, there are going to be days where I won’t be able to blog due to work etc but I will try my absolute best to catch up when I miss days!

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There’s been lots happening since my last blog. Promotional work is going well and I’m now getting lots of work coming in that’s both reassuring for my money-worrying side and it’s exciting because I’m doing a variety of events as well as meeting new people. New people that are in the same boat as me (actors, musicians or dancers). Instead of updating you with everything I’ve been doing because that would take ages, I’m going to show you a little DIY idea that I created a couple of weeks ago. It’s very easy to make and is a nice idea for dealing with those days where you just wish you they’d be over or never have happened!

I’ve named it ‘Because You’ve Had A Bad Day – Memory Box

DIY Tutorial

I’ve broken this down into four easy steps!

1. To start with you’ll need some brown packaging paper. A tube or box and some scissors and tape. You could always use different packaging paper and instead of using a tube, perhaps you could use a shoebox or something similar.

2. Take your tube/box and wrap the brown paper around it. Secure some sticky tape at the the end of your paper but on the inside so that when you stick it down, you won’t have the tape showing on the outside.

3. Cut some of the length of the wrapping paper around the top if there’s any excess and then fold it into the tube/box. You could use some sticky tape to secure this in place but mine holds to the sides already. If you are using a tube similar to mine you could cut out a circular shape to stick on the lid like I’ve done.

4. Design your memory box with the sentence ‘Because you’ve had a bad day…’ and decorate it the way you want it to look! Once completed, every time you experience something bad, write it down and pop it in your memory box. At the end of the year empty it out into the bin and start the new year, knowing that all those bad days are gone and forgotten!


This little DIY creation looks perfect on my dressing room table and I feel is a great idea that’s simple and easy to create. We all have days that we’d rather forget and I think writing them down onto paper and storing them away is a good alternative than having them in your head and getting you upset.

If you end up creating this then I’d love for you to show me your creations! Post them up on your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or Blog with #baddaymemorybox

So for now, I hope you enjoy your evening! I’ve got a new vlog up on my YouTube channel which you can also check out.

Have a lovely evening,

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