Christmas Lush Haul

It’s nearly Christmas! With only 6 days to go, I decided to treat myself to lots of Lush Christmas goodies. I did buy most of the Christmas bath bombs, bubble bars and a bath oil so if you haven’t yet gone into a Lush store (why the hell not?!) then here is what you will find!

Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Pretty much like the Snow Fairy scent but slightly less sickly sweet. A candy floss flavour, this bath bomb fizzes pink but contains a vivid green holly centre inside.

Snow Melt Bath Oil

A bath oil that I believe I featured in my Lush Bath Oil blog post here. Bath Oils are unique in that they are both exclusive to Oxford Street, London store but they also focus on how they benefit the skin. This little sparkly gem contains Lemon Oil and Peppermint Oil which really cleanses the body, making you feel refreshed and clean!

Snow Angel Bath Melt

Rich in moisturising Cocoa butter, Rose, Benzoin and Cassie absoulute, this is a treat for the skin. Softening and floral, the Snow Fairy has a subtle Marizpan scent and it leaves your bath water shimmering in a golden glow.

Five Golden Rings Bubble Bar

So it’s missing two but that’s because I’ve already used some! Crumble these under the running water for a creamy Fair Trade Vanilla bath with skin softening Illipe butter and uplifting Moringa oil. You have essentially five baths with this bubble bar, which will make your fifth day of Christmas last for more than a day!

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb

The Dashing Santa Bath Bomb will literally dash around your bath water, with his golden boots fizzing away first. Containing cheery mandarin oil, fruity bergamot and orange flower absolute makes this bath bomb smell like satsumas. Perfect stocking filler for Christmas!

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

This cute little thing contains an abundance of Shea and Fair Trade Cocoa butter. The strawberry sweet bergamot and geranium oils create a fruit concoction and your bath water and deep and lustrous red.

Yog Nog Bath Bomb

The Yog Nog scent is one of my favourites. I’ve also got it in the soap so I’m constantly covered in Yog Nog! An ideal winter warmer, spicy clove bud oil stimulates your senses. Soya milk powder and Organic Shea butter creates creamy and comforting waters. So sit back, relax and pop one of these into your bath on a cold and drizzly evening.

So White Bath Bomb

The fairest bath bomb of them all. This So White bath bomb ends up not being so white by the end of it’s fizz. A crisp apple fragrance with a slow melting rosey centre. Bergamot oil and Rose absolute helps relax and calm your mind and body, getting you into the Christmas spirit.  

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

A perfect stocking filler, this is already pre-made present, wrapped in golden lustre. Cognac and zesty lime oil gets you into the party mood, whilst orange oil refreshes the senses. A little surprise waits inside, so get it soon to find out before Christmas is over.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Looks so good you almost want to eat it. Use this on Christmas Eve as it contains comforting Lavender that will help you combat the sleep insomnia you experience one night out of the year. Tonka Absolute provides the perfect Christmas dessert for your skin and the combination of Lavender oil and creamy Benzoin resinoid banishes tension and relaxes the mind and body.

 Cinders Bath Bomb

Popping with popping candy, this Christmassy little number is packed full of one of my favourite childhood sweets. Stimulating cinnamon leaf oil, the warmth of this hot fruit bunch will help you totally relax over the Christmas period.

 The Magic of Christmas Wand Bubblebar

This is literally Christmas encompassed in a bubble bar. Placed on a warming cinnamon stick, it’s packed with punchy cinnamon leaf and Fair Trade Organic clove that stimulates the skin. Run this under the water for a truly magical Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this festive treat. Head down to your local Lush and treat yourself this Christmas.

Natalie-Ann x

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