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So I finally got round to getting myself a library card for the area that I live in, in London. Suffice to say I did go a bit overboard with the amount of books I thought I could read within the renewal date. It feels so awesome having a library card again – free books to take out and read to your heart’s content. No wonder I picked up so many! I was a little too excited at all the books available to read. Anyone who loves books will understand my excitement.

So far I’ve attempted reading The Casual Vacancy by J.K.Rowling and I’m saddened to say it just hasn’t captured me. I know when I’m going to read a book and NOT read a book by how fast I get into it. If I’m at chapter three or four at the first sitting, I know I’m going to enjoy it. However, when it’s a struggle to get into the first chapter, it has the opposite effect. I was a bit disappointed because this is the novelist who wrote Harry Potter, the woman who could captivate me from the start to the finish of her books. This one however doesn’t have that same creative imagination to it. It’s just a bit boring really.

The other one I’ve started reading is called The Returned, now some of you Netflix fans will notice this is in two series, a french series and an American series. They both follow the same storyline but I believe the French one came out first. The book doesn’t disappoint, it’s so far coinciding with the American series I have part watched, however the characters appear more darker. It’s a great series about how certain people in the same town have risen from the dead and there is no explanation as to why. Definitely recommend you read the book, then watch the series.

The other ones I’ve yet to read are Funny Girl, Safe Haven, The Passage and Four Past Midnight. I’m definitely going to have to renew them though as I don’t think I could read 5 books within just under two weeks.

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