Pukka Tea!

Ok, so I was never a big fan of herbal teas until I tried this brand. Pukka Tea was exhibiting at an event I worked at, around October 2015. I think I tried their Vanilla Chai at the event and it tasted so good! I’ve tried quite a few herbal teas where they’ve tasted far from what they say they are. However, Pukka Tea was something totally different. The flavours are so strong you actually forget it’s a herbal tea!

I stupidly didn’t purchase any at the show even though they had an offer on of 3 packs for £5. If I knew I’d like them this much, I definitely would have stocked up! My absolute favourite is by far Peppermint and Liquorice. I can guarantee that it will taste as good when iced too! 

I’m almost out of what I’ve brought so I’m definitely going to have to do another shop online soon but here are a couple of my favourites that I definitely recommend you try!

Click here to buy a pack!

Click here to buy a pack!

Well what are you waiting for?! Go check out their website!

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