The audition process is nearly upon me. If you didn’t already know, I’ve been applying to some Masters courses and am very much looking forward to the audition next Thursday. Yes I am super nervous, but I feel pretty confident with my monologue choices and I’m just keen to progress in my acting. Since moving to London, I tried out the acting game for myself, I got headshots, I paid for numerous casting websites so I could get access to as much as I could get. I also got myself an agent and this was my first proper agency since leaving university. Reflecting back on the year that has been, I’ve been very fortunate with the opportunities that came my way. However, my sheer ruthlessness told me that I hadn’t done enough. I had 10 jobs relating to acting and modelling in 2015, which at the time seemed like a lot but in hindsight, all those jobs bar one I got myself. Now throughout this year, I’ve tried to ignore drama school. Tons of actors have made the big screens and the stage without having gone to a drama school but I’m not the type of person to just sit around and wait for something to happen. I worked very hard in 2015 to try and make some ground with my acting. Getting an agent was beneficial to an extent but at the same time, rushing out of university and into the first agent that accepts me, was something I now know I should have stopped to think about.

Either way, the castings I got were good and the castings I didn’t get were at least an experience. However, when you get the opportunity to go to castings but 9/10 it’s a no, you feel like your doing something wrong. In reality, competition is so tough and the final decision is made by that casting director or panel member who you have no idea if they liked your performance or not. They say thank you and then show you the door. I’m starting to learn that I have to do the audition, get out and not think about it again. If i get it? Fantastic. If I don’t, well then that’s a shame but it’s on to the next audition.

I wish I could have castings every day, but I’m not getting that. I wish I could be on set more than once every couple of months but I’m not getting that either. For me to fully give all that I can give, I need to do a Masters, to gain more professional training, to craft and develop my skills further. I need that name of the school on my CV so that bigger agents will take more notice of me and that it allows me to get my foot into more audition doors.

I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress but for now. Wish me…to break a leg!

Natalie-Ann x

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