Funny Fridays!

Funny Fridays is something I thought I’d introduce after brainstorming ideas for blog posts for 2016. The concept of ‘Funny Fridays’ is basically a list of statements that follows with an animated picture which will hopefully make you giggle, perhaps you’ll nod your head in agreement. Whatever you do, these weekly themed blogs will hopefully allow you to unwind and start off your weekend with a jolly good ol’ laugh!

1. When a stranger falls over and you do your absolute best NOT to laugh.

2. That time when you let out a fart so bad and there’s no way your owning up.

3. Receiving a present and your too nice to say you don’t like it.

4. When you sneeze and what comes out is more than you bargained for.

5. Following a baking recipe to the letter and the result is..

6. When your phone goes flat at 22%.

7. When you’ve been drinking and you feel fine until you walk outside.

8. The day after leg day at the gym.

9. When you desperately need the toilet but your in a public place with no loos in sight.

10. When you make a joke about someone and they’re standing right behind you.

Hope you enjoyed! Come back next Friday at 7pm for the next one.

Natalie-Ann x

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